Sales Closed for 2007

Thank you to everyone who participated this year - we raised $2,850 for AIDS Survival Project, our beneficiary.

Make sure to check back at this site for pictures of happy buyers with their ARTvision art pieces!

ARTvision will return again next December. Check back here periodically for pictures of happy buyers.

Cheers to a very happy and healthy 2008.


Buyers And Sellers Connect Through ARTvision 2007

We had an unprecedented level of support and involvement this year.

Please have a look at all the pieces and their buyers, with great thanks going out to all:

1. "Turtle Love" (special-edition sculpture) by Adam Newman, sold to Craig Eister
2. "I'm Not Waiting" (signed CD) by Julia Murney, sold to Craig Eister
3. "Best Friends" (photo canvas) by Will Pollock, sold to Frank Wickstead & Craig Eister
4. "Trust Your Turn" (photo canvas) by Will Pollock, sold to Larry Goldstein
5. "Skirt" (mixed-media painting) by Citabria Phillips, sold to Barb Shadomy
6. "Eternal Sunshine" (mixed-media painting) by Brenda McMillen, sold to David Osborn
7. "
Winslow Morning" (photo canvas; not displayed on this site) by Will Pollock, sold to Barb Shadomy
8. "Dinner" (photo pearl print, signed & framed) by Vibecke Dahle, sold to Barb Shadomy
9. "Optimistically Hopeless" (signed CD) by The Wayne Fishell Experiment, sold to Eddie Duke
10. "Harbor Idle" (signed, custom-framed print) by Will Pollock, sold to Barb Shadomy
11. "Trust Your Turn" (museum art-paper print, framed & signed) by Will Pollock, sold to Rebecca Walt

Please, please... take a moment and absorb this unbelievable success and connection that buyers and artists have made this year. Next year? Onward and upward!

Please check back over the summer months for testimonials and pictures of buyers and pieces!

Sending love and thanks to everyone.

SOLD! A "Best Friends" custom print to Craig Eister

Congratulations go out to Craig Eister, who purchased a custom, photo-to-canvas order of "Best Friends."

We're working on a few more sales, so...
shop for more cool stuff now!

SOLD! "Eternal Sunshine" to David Osborn

Congratulations to both Brenda and David!

"Eternal Sunshine" was on display prominently at NYE, and David mentioned that it caught his eye.

And now, it'll be shining brightly in his home.

Citabria Phillips' "Skirt" Now Discounted!

Citabria Phillips' work, "Skirt," has now been discounted to $225!

I've loaded a
new slideshow of the work, which garnered quite a bit of interest before, during and after New Year's.

Please take another look at this large-format, mixed-media piece. It'd be a great addition to your home!

Questions? Contact
Citabria directly, or e-mail Will for more info.

Brenda McMillen's Pieces, Shown On NYE, Now An Even Greater Value!

Don't miss this terrific opportunity to snag two great works by Brenda McMillen, an accomplished Atlanta artist. Her two ARTvision 2007 pieces are now at a discounted price!

As a square painting, "
Eternal Sunshine" is the perfect addition to your home as a conversation piece. Also, "Remembrance" is a commemoration of 9/11, painted on the actual day in honor of those fallen.

  • "Eternal Sunshine," originally offered at $385, is now $225!
  • "Remembrance," originally offered at $285, is now $175!

For more on Brenda and her two works, visit her artist page, or go directly to purchase!

ARTvision 2007 Running Sales Update

We have eclipsed the $1,500 mark in fund-raising for ARTvision 2007, which makes this year's effort already a resounding success.

But there are still pieces available! Please shop now because some prices have been reduced.

Here is our sales update thus far:

A number of pieces will be reduced in the next two days, so please, take the weekend to browse and buy! We also have received a few cash donations, including $50 from Chris Haddle.

Full update on discounted pieces coming soon.

The Wayne Fishell Experiment @ The Stage Door

In honor of Eddie Duke purchasing "Optimistically Hopeless" through ARTvision, take a look at The Wayne Fishell Experiment performing at The Stage Door.

Fans of "Planet Unicorn" might want to pay close attention. Enjoy!

SOLD! "Turtle Love" to Craig Eister

Congratulations go out to Craig Eister, who purchased Adam Newman's "Turtle Love," a commemorative sculpture piece exclusive to ARTvision.

Craig also bought
Julia Murney's signed CD, "I'm Not Waiting." One more CD remains!

This image is also available as a custom order -- please
e-mail Will for more info. Time still remains to buy!

ARTvision 2007 :: Sales Extended!

We're working on a number of different sales... and there are still buying opportunities! Please jump in while supplies last... and make sure to check back because some pieces might be offered at a discount.

Snap Up Julia Murney's Signed Copy Of "I'm Not Waiting"

Fans of "Wicked" and Julia "In The Movies" Murney... rejoice! Julia has graciously donated two signed CDs of her debut CD, "I'm Not Waiting."

Take a peek at the signed jewel case here, and also,
visit her ARTvision Artist page for more.

Also, here's a clip of Julia singing the title track of the CD from YouTube:

SOLD! "Best Friends" to Frank Wickstead

Congratulations go out to Frank Wickstead, who purchased a limited edition, photo-to-canvas version of "Best Friends."

This image is also available as a custom order -- please
e-mail Will for more info. Time still remains to buy!

Please make sure to
check out our other artists, including a just-posted signed CD by Julia Murney! These great pieces make great holiday gifts, and allow you to take a deduction before the end of the year!

Have a safe holiday weekend!

Experiment Now With ARTvision Artist The Wayne Fishell Experiment

ARTvision's signed CD from The Wayne Fishell Experiment is still available for $15!

Take a minute and get to know them -
give "Optimistically Hopeless" a listen. (Make sure to check out the soulful, bluesy "Doubting Thomas.")

SOLD! "Trust Your Turn" to Larry Goldstein

Congratulations go out to Larry Goldstein, who purchased "Trust Your Turn" for $250.

The limited-edition has four remaining in the series!

Please make sure to
check out our artists today. These great pieces make great holiday gifts!

Cheers to ongoing safe and happy holidays.

ARTvision Offers: "Skirt" by Citabria Phillips

Citabria's large-format piece is waiting to be framed and hung -- as a one-of-a-kind creation.

For more, go directly to the "Skirt" page -- and make sure to
learn more about Citabria.

Her page contains jump-off links to additional pieces and her other Web sites as well.


Buying & Donating: The Nitty Gritty

There's still plenty of time left to donate (for 2007 donation write-offs), and PLENTY of pieces left!

  • What about some tunes from The Wayne Fishell Experiment with "Optimistically Hopeless"?
  • Or perhaps some of Adam Newman's sculpture with "Turtle Love"?
  • ...maybe you're in the mood for "Dinner" -- some food for the soul?

Browse our pieces or donate directly to ASP -- it's up to you!

We've added a Donate tab to the site to make it easier for buyers to figure out where to go. AIDS Survival Project's donation partner, "," will record your gift and then send you a receipt.

If you're donating in order to purchase a piece, that e-mail receipt is proof of purchase?

If you at any time have questions,
send an e-mail to Will.

"Dinner" Celebrates Nature And Its Critical Component: Bees

ARTvision Artist Vibecke Dahle brings Colony Collapse Disorder to light with her piece, "Dinner."

Vibecke shot "Dinner" in a quiet park in Oslo, Norway, as a conscientious onlooker. "I was so excited to be an observer to this meal," she says. "The bee and insect were taking their time and enjoying their dinner before they continued on their way. It was a wonderful moment in time."

Make sure to check out the
slideshow, and take a peek at Vibecke's artist page.

This is a single photograph (1/1), printed on Pearl archival photo paper, to be titled and signed by the artist upon purchase.


ARTvision Offers: "Eternal Sunshine"

Brenda McMillen, who returns to ARTvision for a second year, has created a beautifully understated piece that would brighten up any home.

"Eternal Sunshine" is a 24"x24" acrylic painting housed in a square, gold-leaf frame.

The piece was painted in 2007 and is a mixture of 7 different reds and yellows to create the nuanced orange color.

For more, go directly to the slideshow.

"Trust Your Turn" Photo-to-canvas Images Now Loaded

Curious to know what a photograph output to an art canvas looks like?

Well, here it is!

"Trust Your Turn" by Will Pollock symbolizes the work we do to trust ourselves in our daily lives, working hard to forge the way forward as captains of our own ships.

Hope you enjoy.

See the full slideshow here, and make sure check out the rest of our awesome artists.

Jenny Krasner Page Updated

Jenny has graciously donated a number of prints to ARTvision... The first one to sell is a 100% donation to ASP.

Make sure to take a look at her collection, and browse the other artists!

Also, click to the Celebrate tab to preview the Gourmet Pizza Party.

Adam Newman's "Turtle Love" Is Now Posted!

An ARTvision exclusive!

Click here for more on Adam Newman and his piece, "Turtle Love."

Citabria Phillips Joins ARTvision

My cousin and Betsy's niece Citabria Phillips has joined ARTvision -- and has donated a few pieces!

See the paintings on Citabria's artist page.

Betsy's Tribute Page Updated

Thanks to Citabria for pointing our our down links -- one of the obits has been taken down.

I re-did the obit from the Marin Independent Journal, too.


I'm just hearing from Craig that a blast e-mail is about to go out to AIDS Survival Project supporters, so we should get quite a bit of traffic after that.

I'm pleased to report that Citabria will be donating a few pieces for ARTvision, too, so stay tuned for that.

More soon!

ARTvision 2007 Celebrates Music

Signed CD from The Wayne Fishell Experiment is now available, with other items on the way!

Coming Soon: Adam Newman's Special ASP Commemorative Piece!

Photos, pricing and availability to follow shortly!

New Bio Page For Brenda McMillen Added!

We welcome back Brenda McMillen...

please go to her page directly and check out her two pieces available for purchase.

Commemorating World AIDS Day: ARTvision 2007!

The first round of our artists' pieces have been loaded!

Use the
Explore tab to check them all out, with more to follow throughout the month.

Happy shopping, and remember,
ARTvision artists have donated 100% of proceeds from each piece to AIDS Survival Project. To learn more about how the process works, visit our FAQs section.

Launching this weekend...

LAUNCHING ON DEC. 1, 2007 ~ World AIDS Day

ARTvision Atlanta 2007

our second year of online philanthropy... the power of art, photography, music and other forms of the expressive arts can combine to bring awareness to three important areas:

--> ARTvision 2007's beneficiary, AIDS Survival Project;
--> The robust arts scene in Atlanta and around the world; and
--> How the Internet can be a great vehicle to celebrate the arts and giving.

If you or someone you know would like to become an ARTvision Artist, please contact Will Pollock.

ARTvision will commence on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, 2007, and conclude on Dec. 31 -- culminating in Will's Annual Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza on New Year's Eve.

Stay tuned for more!