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Nearly 20 Purchases & More Than $3,500 Raised

(ATLANTA :: 7 February 2009) In challenging economic times, we all rallied together to raise more than $3,500 for Positive Impact. Between the day of New Year’s Eve and the silent auction at Radial Cafe, here are the results:

• “Potential Pierces Possibility” by Brenda Knosher, sold to Greg Knosher
• “Stand Strong” by Brenda McMillen, sold to Tom Andrews
• “The Gloaming” by Greg Davis, sold to Kurt Schreiber
• “Autumn ’08” by Greg Davis, sold to David Osborn
• “A Cabo Cow” by Alexis Vear, sold to Toni Ross Weir
• “Little Boy Blue” by Rob O’Connor, sold to Michele Segre
• “The Jennifer Paige Fan Experience” sold to Michael Baker
• “Buy Our 8 Track!” by Flat Cat, sold to Michael Baker
• “Optimistically Hopeless” by The Wayne Fishell Experiment, sold to Michael Baker
• “Red Hot Crystal” by Karen Hatchett, sold to Ed Doolittle
• “True Colors” by Brenda McMillen, sold to Positive Impact
• “Speaking Up” by Citabria Phillips, sold to Mike Fleming
• “Rain of Hope” by Will Pollock (series of 3), sold to Larry Goldstein, Scott Hall & John Nickolas
• “Roots of Innovation” by Sean Mansfield, sold to David Starr
• “Engine No. 396” by Will Pollock, sold to Kurt Schreiber
• Cash donations: Lisa Tallman

If your purchase or donation does not appear in this list, please e-mail Will right away! Also, make sure to see our “
thank you” page for some important recognition for ARTvision 2008.

We are already accepting artist submissions for ARTvision 2009. Stay tuned.

Once again,
THANK YOU to everyone who participated. We had record participation, proceeds and enthusiasm this year. Happy

Silent Auction Is A Big Hit... And Here Are Some Pictures To Prove It!

UPDATE: Fund-raising, Silent Auction & More

(ATLANTA :: 26 January 2008) We’ve raised more than $3,000, thanks to the following sales:

• “Rain of Hope” by
Will Pollock to Larry Goldstein, John Nickolas & Scott Hall
• “The Gloaming” by
Greg Davis to Kurt Schreiber
• “Engine No. 396” by
Will Pollock to Kurt Schreiber
• “Little Boy Blue” by
Rob O’Connor to Michele Segre
• “A Cabo Cow” by
Alexis Vear to Toni Ross
• “Potential Pierces Possibility” by
Brenda Knosher to Greg Knosher

We are working on
a silent auction held at Radial Cafe on Wednesday. Please click here for more information and RSVP for this event! We’ve got more money to make!

Paying It Backwards & Forwards... aka "Java Love"

While we’re in the midst of raising money for a great cause, I thought we might take a break on Christmas Eve and remember what we’re up to with this project... and how even the most negative of situations can be turned into something positive.

This struck me as relevant to what ARTvision is about, and particularly what we try to focus on as we close 2008.

Take a look at the below story, but make sure to read
Arthur Rosenfeld’s piece in the Huffington Post before you do. It’s a truly remarkable feat of seeing through and above a negative everyday situation for... a greater truth.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Happy

SOLD! Update: "Rain of Hope" Earns $500 For PI

Congratulations to John Nickolas of Dallas, Texas, who just donated $500 to Positive Impact... and who scored himself an enhanced version of “Rain of Hope” for his living room wall!

John has a special connection to the photo, which he explains in his
testimonial. “I was with Will when he captured the ‘Rain of Hope’ image,” he says. “I encourage everyone to support PI and keep those you love close to your heart.”

Two of these special-edition printings of “
Rain of Hope” remain - one of which is in stock now. (The second is a special order but can be quickly shipped to the buyer.) Both of the other two are photo to art canvas and are offered at $425. “Rain of Hope” will not be offered again in any subsequent ARTvision events or other showings.

We’ve only just begun our sales drive -
get to browsing today!