ARTvision-5: "XL: Style & Substance"

Amazing What You Can Do in Five Years

In five short years, ARTvision has earned a total of $25,905.

That’s nearly $26,000 of totally unrestricted funds that has made a difference for our charities - Positive Impact will again be our beneficiary in ARTvision’s sixth year.


New Artist Announcements Coming Soon!

We are gearing up for a spectacular ARTvision season. Stay tuned!


Announcing ARTvision-6's Official Theme:
"restoreartive: creative therapy"

(ATLANTA :: 21 June 2011) Welcome once again to ARTvision Atlanta, the sixth-annual fund-raiser for Positive Impact, featuring approximately 15 to 20 of the nation and world’s most accomplished artists. We are proud to announce our theme this year:

“restorearttive: creative therapy”

This 2011 theme celebrates art’s wide-reaching therapeutic properties, drawn from all artistic platforms. All artists will be tasked with donating and creating works that support the idea that art can heal, instruct and expand one’s thinking and feeling. Works will include photography, painting, mixed-media, jewelry, pottery, metal sculpture and much more.

What’s new this year? Here are some of the first details:

  • New date/location. Our event, usually held at the home of Will Pollock on New Year’s Eve, will now be held on 1 December 2011, at The Phillip Rush Center on Dekalb Ave. Details about time to follow, but please mark your calendar for that date, which commemorates World AIDS Day.

  • Expanded collector donations. We are happy to announce a call to collectors who would like to donate a photography, painting or other piece of art for the purpose of raising funds for PI. For more on this great opportunity, please contact Will Pollock or Michael Baker.

  • Program advertising and artist exposure. In conjunction with this event, Will Pollock and Stone Four Media will produce a program with artist bios, donated piece information and advertisements from local businesses. Please stay tuned for more on this great opportunity.

  • Suggestion box. If you have an idea or would like to suggest an artist for this event, please contact us for more.

More information and artist announcements coming soon!
- WP


Julia Murney Stars in 'Brothers & Sisters' on ABC


Final Tally of First-round ARTvision-5 Sales!

In our fifth selling/donating season, we again broke records. With ongoing thanks to our artists, buyers and volunteers, here is a full tally - before we mark down a few other pieces (details to follow):

- Delia Cochran’s “
In the Moment” to Sumner Riddick III for $1,900
- Vibecke Dahle’s “
Waterdance” to Barb Shadomy* for $350
GritCityInc’s “Tatted” & “Smoked Vol. 2” and "Mombo Solitude" by Rebecca Shirkey-Sloan (from ARTvision-4) to Michele Segre* for $180
- Brenda Knosher’s “
This time conscious...” & “Watching, dreaming, waiting” to Delia Cochran for $600 and $650, respectively
Jason Maynard’s “Witness” to Scott Layne & Matt Litchfield for $125
- Jason Maynard’s “Diamonds” to Will Pollock for $125
Julia Murney’s “Blooming Coconut” to Vicky Croisant for $2,075; and to an Anonymous buyer in Hawaii, also for $2,075.
- Mary Pollock’s “
Nantucket Morning” to Kelly Swift Haddle for $350
- Will Pollock’s “Teal Treasure” (small version; off roster) to Chris for $295
- Mary Pollock’s “
Watch out for those spurs!” to Michael Baker for $400
Marc Tetro’s “Westie on Red” to Michael Baker for $350
- Brenda McMillen’s “Circle of Hope” (off-roster) to Positive Impact for $125
- Will Pollock’s “
Strewn” (print) to John Nickolas for $75
- Will Pollock’s “Maritime Calm” (sold off roster; photo to follow) to Colby Conner for $750
Non-purchase cash donations:
- Larry Goldstein $250
- All other cash donations, including ones made on New Year’s Eve: $350

I’ll update this post with discount sales in a few days. Watch for that.

So far, our tally for ARTvision-5, “XL: Style & Substance” is... drumroll please...

> $11,025 <

Congratulations, thank you, and wild gratitude for everyone’s involvement, enthusiasm and love to get us to this amazing figure.


Some New Pending Sales Will Bump Up Our Totals

We are excited to report that we have some new pending sales that will bump up our annual totals! Here are the details:


  • Blooming Coconut” by Julia Murney has sold a second time, to Vicky Croisant! That brings us an *additional $2,075. All parties - Julia, the original auction winner, and Vicky - have agreed to do a second piece to make it a two-piece collection for 2010. Congratulations and thanks to all! In all, “Blooming Coconut” has brought Positive Impact a total of $4,150!
  • “Maritime Calm” by Will Pollock has sold off-roster (meaning it wasn’t originally listed for sale). We are working on a size, price and pictures. More on that soon! Price TBD.
  • Witness” by Jason Maynard has sold to Scott Layne and Matt Litchfield in Waynesboro, Va. Price: $125

Those sales will bring us over the $10,000 mark for the season!

More pieces are still available. A full listing of sale items to follow shortly.