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’The spirit that lives within the photograph knows exactly what each of us needs’

Delia Cochran joins ARTvision with two pieces: “In the Moment” and “Journey In” - both of which peel away a bit of personal mystery during Delia’s trip to India. “I had heard many stories about what this trip would be like - the long travel, the crowds, the crazy driving conditions, the poverty, the food, the water - the list goes on and on,” she says. “As the trip got closer, I spent some time in reflection and preparation and set an intention that this trip would have an impact on me and that there would be something magical that would leave a lasting impression on my soul.

“I did not leave disappointed,” she adds. “I took a road trip from Delhi to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal. The drive was an adventure itself - sharing the road with all forms of transportation and seeing living conditions that disturbed me deeply. The morning I went to visit the Taj Mahal was a very clear, hot day. The Taj Mahal is amazing. The detail, the symmetry, the craftsmanship required to build such an amazing structure - and yet that’s not what captured my eye.

As Delia toured the mosques she spotted a man and a woman walking around the area. “There was something inviting in how they moved through the mosque,” she says. “I walked toward the entrance and thought what a great photo it would be. So I turned and took the picture. The result was ‘In the Moment,’ and it was more than I imagined. As I turned to take the photo I captured the woman as she turned to adjust her veil. The image captured the India I wanted to remember... the simple beauty found by being present to what is available - and that being more than what one expects. Each time I look at this photograph I am in the presence of so much more... there is the appreciation of the power of vision to create something of beauty and awe and wonder at the transforming power of grace, elegance, humility and surrender to being more.”

Her second offering, “Journey In,” shows brilliant color set in a gorgeous depth of field - all with the feel of India’s architecture at the Taj Mahal.

“‘Journey In’ is another photograph taken during the visit to the Taj Mahal,” she says. “Standing at the opening of this outdoor corridor I was reminded of what it is like to seek to understand something beyond what is available in the initial encounter. Being available and willing to see more is the journey to insight and wisdom. There is always so much more to see,” she adds.

Delia Cochran, a Georgia native, takes advantage of her international travel as an Organization Capability Consultant to explore her interest in capturing beauty, expression, and surprising moments of insight using digital photography.

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In the Moment” and “Journey In.” Both pieces were custom framed by JD Issacs, owner of Rose Squared Gallery & Framing in Decatur, an ARTvision-5 sponsor.

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