ARTvision-7's Final Numbers Are In!

Our archive page has been updated with final Season Seven donation results. Congratulations and thanks to all who turned out in support of Positive Impact. Click through for more.

We’ve created a Fine Art America page with additional pieces still available, and that link is

Watch for details of Season 8, coming soon.

eBay Auction **EXTENDED** "Rainy Day NYC" by Julia Murney


Full fund-raising Report Coming Soon...

Happy New Year! We had some great cash donations at the New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza (thank you so much!) and some nibbles on individual works, and will report our full 2012 earnings soon.
Meantime, we are holding sales open until 31 January 2013, with fresh pieces from Julia Murney to follow shortly. More to follow soon.

Your Move, Chick-fil-A

For a primer on ARTvision’s roots in the NYE Gourmet Pizza party - and how 2012 was the first time we declined to purchase chicken for the event at Chick-fil-A - go to my Instinct in the Round: Gourmet Pizza for Good blog post: “Your Move, Chick-fil-A.”
“Closed on Sundays” and its popularity, though, also have become fuel for two other movements. The Gourmet Pizza Party, and its many attendees, gave birth to an artists’ collaborative, ARTvision Atlanta, that has now earned more than $46,000 in funds for three different charities. This effort is a cornerstone fund-raising engine for Positive Impact, an Atlanta agency that provides mental-health counseling and testing services to those affected by HIV in our city.

We’ve asked Chick-fil-A for a comment and haven’t received word back as of yet. Stay tuned.
- WP

Holiday Update! New Sale Items and More

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Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and, almost a Happy New Year! A number of updates for you as we approach our culminating event on New Year’s:

• “
Never Keep a Girl Waiting” by Will Pollock has been reduced. Originally offered at $1,400, the piece is now $950. This is a one-of-a-kind item and will be retired if and when it is sold. Framed by JD Isaac. (more)

• We’ll have a number of pieces on display and available for donation at Will’s New Year’s Eve annual
Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza. Fill out the contact page if you’d like to attend and think you’d like to lock in one last donation before the end of the year.

Julia Murney’s pieces are in process but are going to be offered in the month of January due to production issues. Three pieces will be offered in varying mediums - stay tuned for more on that soon!

• Updates coming soon about “
Instinct in the Round: Gourmet Pizza for Good,” including new book art, a post about Chick-fil-A and much more. Stay tuned!

Most of all,
go shopping for some very cool pieces on sale and lock in your donations before the end of the year!


On Sale Now: "Wisdom," "Between," "Rojo" & More

Artists & Gallery page now has discounted items loaded! Click over to see some newly reduced items and go shopping… These pieces are great for gifts or for your own home. Questions? contact us for more information. Lock in your donations for 2012 before time is up! (more)

Our First Round of Results Now Loaded!

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We had a very successful first round of sales/donations! Here’s a list of sales:

• SOLD! “Peaceful Path” by Jason Maynard to Mike Weaver for $125
• SOLD! “Amethyst Beauty” by
Alexis Vear to Sharon Schachter for $125
• SOLD! “Quiet Time” by
Mary Pollock to Heather Beach Wademan for $850
• SOLD! “Harbor Idle” by
Will Pollock (off-roster) to Rodolfo & Vicki Duke Proano for $75
• SOLD! “Teal Treasure” by
Will Pollock to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $1,000
• SOLD! “Enchanted Portal” by
Brenda Knosher to Sharon Schachter and Dan Williams for $450 ea.
• SOLD! “
Dusk for Doolin” (off-roster) by Will Pollock to Gretchen O’Toole for $75
• SOLD! “Wanderer” (off-roster) by
Will Pollock to Dana Wadsworth for $75
• SOLD! “Niagara” by
Chris Haddle to Mark Edge & Jeff Hook for $300 ea.
• SOLD! “Godiva’s Locks” by
Carolyn Meltzer to Todd Price for $400
• SOLD! “You’re Fun Guys (fungi)” by
Mary Pollock to Tina & Renee Weese for $550
• SOLD! “Secret Garden” by
Vicki Duke Proano to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $150
• SOLD! “There’s No Place Like Home” by
Vicki Duke Proano to Jose Jimenez for $250

Our running total this year is more than $5,000! There are plenty of pieces still available - so we can get that number higher very easily. Click over to our ARCHIVE page to see how this year adds up with previous years. (more)

And stay tuned to our home page for updates on
Julia Murney’s pieces and other works still available!

Sales Reporting to Follow Shortly

We had a great preview night… AND a stellar gala evening of donations and art flying off the walls. Jump to our
Facebook or SmugMug photo recap, and please: we want your event pictures! Please e-mail them to artvisiondirector AT stonefour dot com.

We will start our second phase of online sales soon. Meantime, watch for full sales reporting Monday morning - if not before. Please check our
ARTISTS/GALLERY page for the latest, as well as our main-page blog.

Meantime, THANK YOU to all who attended, volunteered and donated - all for
Positive Impact. If you’re not in the market for art, please consider a donation to PI through the event here (and make sure to select ARTvision under Contribution Type).

Last-minute Parking Info

We have been granted access to the Serpas valet parking service at Studioplex. They are located at the entry of the property, just before the entry gates. For more, go to our ARTvision Atlanta Facebook event page.

ARTvision & PI: Doing 'Good Works' In December

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As we gather tonight to move some art and raise some cash for Atlanta’s own Positive Impact, it occurred to me: December makes sense as a month of contemplation and desire to do some good works to commemorate the close of each year. What other reason is there for parties seemingly happening every day this month? Winking

But in the case of ARTvision, we started this event as a “movement” befitting the year’s ultimate culmination: the annual
New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza. Even though ARTvision has now earned its own positive as a standalone event, it nevertheless maintains the spirit of closing the year with those aforementioned “good works” - where artists generously give of their talent so that we may support the great effort of PI. - WP (more)

ARTvision in the News: The GA Voice

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Thanks to the staff at The Georgia Voice for the
profile of ARTvision in this week’s edition. From the article:

Now in its seventh season, ARTvision is an artist’s collective that puts creative, unique work up for sale to benefit a local charity. For five years running, it’s been Positive Impact, which coordinates mental health and prevention services for those affected by HIV/AIDS. This year’s event takes place Friday, Dec. 7, at Stone Four Studios at Studioplex. The event honors Pollock’s aunt, who was involved in charity work for more than 40 years in San Francisco. After visiting a party she was involved with in the Bay Area one year, he came home and decided he wanted to do something similar.

“She was a remarkable woman and I wanted to do something to remember her,” Will Pollock says. “I thought, why not add something to the event I do every year. I’m lucky to have many family members who are artists.”

The GA Voice.

SOLD! Our Preview Night a Great Success

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Great thanks to all volunteers and attendees who came out last night for the return of ARTvision Preview Night. This was a great chance to get an initial look at some of the great pieces - in some cases, the initial look turned into sales. (
read more)

Huge TYs to our Hanging Party Volunteers

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We whipped
Stone Four Studios into great shape for ARTvision-7. HUGE, mad props to our hanging-party volunteers: Delia Cochran, Randy Chumbley, Kimber Herndon, Vicki Duke Proano, Jim Hayes and Michael Baker, among others. Our electricians, Ron Nelson and Mike Davis, put in major work to make the event happen, too. Have a look below at our photoshow as we got the studio ready for the big two-day event:


Now Live: Tracing the Roots of the Natural World with Carolyn Meltzer

“I am fascinated by the natural world around us and how, if we look close enough, we can more strongly sense both its beauty and harshness,” she writes on her website. “My camera lens allows me to explore, embrace, and share my emotional connection with nature. What I most want people to take away from my photographic work is to have sensed one small slice of their environment in a new way: to see something they have not experienced before in quite the same way.” (more)

"Quiet Time" & "You're Fun Guys" by Mary Pollock

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Mary Pollock’s page is now live -
click through for more!

Randy Chumbley Brings His "Passion" to ARTvision & Positive Impact

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Author and artist
Randy Chumbley returns to ARTvision with “Passion” and “Intersection” - both are mixed-media on board and illustrate the far, creative reaches that he can climb. (read more)

Gallery Page is Live!

Although some of the interior pages will follow tomorrow, the Artists/Gallery page is up - and will be continually updated from here on out. This page has prices, thumbnails and blurbs about the pieces, but keep in mind that not all artists page are live yet. News of sales, updates and more will appear on that page.

We have more than $20,000 in potential funds we can raise for Positive Impact, so let’s get to shopping!

Returning Artist: Sara O'Connor

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Sara O’Connor returns to ARTvision with “Old Woman Profile,” an expressive, contemplative painting only diminutive in size. For Sara, it’s a throwback to her roots in West Virginia. (more)

Now Live: "Beginning of Wisdom" by Will Pollock

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While meandering around William Buter Yeats’ favorite home in Ireland,
Thoor Ballylee, I found myself so transfixed that my co-travelers had to drag me away from the site. I don’t usually think of names while shooting, but in this case, it came very quickly. (read more)

Gearing Up for a Big Week

Our pieces are in and Stone Four Studios is being prepped for our big week! We’re poised and ready to make some scratch for Atlanta’s own Positive Impact. As we approach “debut week” for our event, a few reminders and added elements to keep in mind. For more, please jump over to our Big Week press release. See you all very soon!