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“Shimmer” by Will Pollock

Location: Thoor Ballylee, County Galway, Ireland
Type: Mixed & multi-media Photography (photo-to-metal shadow plate, with LED backlight)
Size: Large (exact size available upon request)
Offered for a donation of: $1,800
Single prints available: yes

This piece comes to ARTvision by way of our trip to Ireland this summer. Thoor Ballylee, a favorite retreat for William Butler Yeats, was one of our early stops on the trip. Barely conscious from the flight across the pond, I got lost in the gardens shooting - they basically had to drag me back to the bus. (“Beginning of Wisdom” also was shot there.) Yeats was deeply inspired by this location and ended up purchasing it. From

Yeats purchased the property because he was so enchanted with it and especially as it was located in a rural area. From 1921 to 1929, Yeats and his family lived there as it was his monument and symbol: In both aspects, it satisfied his desire for a rooted place in the countryside.” (more)

I chose photography-to-metal in this case because I wanted to highlight the sheen and the water action against the brilliant green foliage. I thought a contemporary media would be an unusual contrast to the traditions of the location. The piece is also my first multi-media effort, with a LED backlight that a lucky buyer can turn on and off as desired.

Very often when I’m shooting, I hear music in my head - related songs, snippets and the like. So, when contemplating the title of this piece, I remembered how transformational “
Shimmer” by Shawn Mullins was for me when I first heard it at Eddie’s Attic. And, bingo, the name was born.

Both Shawn and
Matthew Kahler (also an ARTvision Artist this year) almost single handedly opened me up to music I hadn’t ever contemplated liking. Enjoy “Shimmer” - both the song and the photograph.


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This piece and more than 30 others will be available for purchase/donation at Stone Four Studios on 7 Dec. 2012, for ARTvision-7: “Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands,” to benefit Positive Impact. Don’t wait! BUY TICKETS NOW