Are all your questions addressed here? If not, please e-mail Will. (Updated: August 2013)

  • Who is eligible to buy an ARTvision piece?
    Anyone. You'll need a major credit card and an active e-mail address for confirmation. Back to top
  • Do I have to donate immediately or can I put a piece on hold?
    Perspective buyers can put a piece on hold for a temporary, 48-hour period in order to find out more details and/or schedule a private viewing. Simply fill out the donate/buy online form and let us know what you'd like to do. Or, you can go directly to Positive Impact and donate there. Back to top
  • Can I make a direct donation to PI without buying a piece?
    Definitely! Please reference ARTvision in your online donation so we may add it to our totals. Back to top
  • Can I interact with or ask questions of the ARTvision artists?
    Yes, absolutely. Due the high volume of spam, e-mail addresses are not listed. To connect to a specific artist, navigate to their Web page (if available), or send general questions about ARTvision to Will in an e-mail. For Positive Impact questions, please contact Michael Baker. Back to top
  • If I buy one of the art, music or photography pieces, how do I receive it?
    Shipping for ARTvision pieces outside of Metro Atlanta is free to buyers, and will generally arrive in the month of January via FedEx Ground. Artists have agreed to ship their pieces to you directly if you do not pick them up at the New Year's Eve celebration. Larger pieces may be designated as "Atlanta only" purchases unless other arrangements are made prior to your donation. Back to top
  • How long are ARTvision pieces available?
    ARTvision sales normally close on December 31, or until the supply of artwork has been exhausted. However, sales are usually extended through January. Back to top
  • Is it possible to request an image I like in a different format?
    Very often the answer to that is "yes." Just send us an e-mail and give us your request and we'll try and make it happen. Back to top
  • Why was ARTvision moved from New Year's Eve to December 1st?
    Two reasons. First, New Year's Eve became too crunched to hold both the pizza event and an art charity. Today you can connect with artists, support Positive Impact and make a donation for art - and achieve a tax deduction well ahead of the 31 Dec. deadline. Back to top
  • How are ARTvision purchases executed?
    We very often use Square on-site to accept donations. In 2013 we're exploring use of PayPal as another method. Back to top
  • Where is ARTvision held?
    ARTvision will once again be held at Stone Four Studios at Studioplex Atlanta in early December. More details to follow! Back to top
  • How do tax-deductions work?
    ARTvision artists, after assigning fair-market value to their pieces, release their tax benefit 100% so that the buyer can enjoy the piece and the deduction. Tax law stipulates that two separate parties cannot claim a deduction on the same transaction or product. Still, ARTvision provides a good platform for artists so hopefully - with news items, blog posts and other promotional efforts - it all balances everything out in the end. Back to top