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ARTvision-7 2012 “Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands”
for Positive Impact
• SOLD! “Peaceful Path” by
Jason Maynard to Mike Weaver for $125
• SOLD! “Amethyst Beauty” by
Alexis Vear to Sharon Schachter for $125
• SOLD! “Quiet Time” by
Mary Pollock to Heather Beach Wademan for $850
• SOLD! “Harbor Idle” by
Will Pollock (off-roster) to Rodolfo & Vicki Proano for $75
• SOLD! “Teal Treasure” by Will Pollock to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $1,000
• SOLD! “Enchanted Portal” by Brenda Knosher to Sharon Schachter and XXX for $450
• SOLD! “
Dusk for Doolin” (off-roster) by Will Pollock to Gretchen O’Toole for $75
• SOLD! “Wanderer” (off-roster) by Will Pollock to Dana Wadsworth for $75
• SOLD! “Niagara” by Chris Haddle to Mark Edge & Jeff Hook for $300
• SOLD! “Godiva’s Locks” by Carolyn Meltzer to Todd Price for $400
• SOLD! “You’re Fun Guys (fungi)” by Mary Pollock to Tina & Renee Weese for $550
• SOLD! “Secret Garden” by Vicki Duke Proano to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $150
• SOLD! “There’s No Place Like Home” by Vicki Duke Proano to Jose Jimenez for $250