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Displaying Artist: Carolyn Meltzer

Location: Atlanta & Misc.
Type: Custom-framed Photography
Size: Medium
Offered for a donation of: $400/ea.

We are so pleased to offer three fantastic pieces from the super talent of Carolyn Meltzer. She comes to ARTvision for the first time by a connection through JD Isaac, of Rose Squared Gallery & Framing, where she recently completed another successful gallery show. She’s had multiple shows around Atlanta, too, including “Inspiration Echoed,” a co-exhibition at the Woodruff Arts Center with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra set designer Anne Patterson in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

“I am fascinated by the natural world around us and how, if we look close enough, we can more strongly sense both its beauty and harshness,” she writes on
her website. “My camera lens allows me to explore, embrace, and share my emotional connection with nature. What I most want people to take away from my photographic work is to have sensed one small slice of their environment in a new way: to see something they have not experienced before in quite the same way.”

Indeed, her close-up vision of the natural world comes through in our event - with “
Rooted in Stone,” “Slow Rush” and “Godiva’s Locks,” we are able to share in her vision while we try to raise some much-needed funds for Positive Impact. In addition to her shooting career, Carolyn also is Professor and Chair of Radiology and Associate Dean for Research at Emory University School of Medicine.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

For more on Carolyn, go to her photographic portfolio website or read her professional bio.


This piece and more than 30 others will be available for purchase/donation at Stone Four Studios on 7 Dec. 2012, for ARTvision-7: “Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands,” to benefit Positive Impact. Don’t wait! BUY TICKETS NOW