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Never Keep a Girl Waiting” by William Weedon & Will Pollock

Location: Delaware & Atlanta
Type: Mixed-media drawing reproduction on art paper with coffee-ground accents
Size: Large (exact size available upon request)
Offered for a donation of: was $1,400 - NOW $950!! (go to gallery)
Single prints available: one of a kind; this piece will be retired after it sells

Earlier this year, my mother handed me a sketch book and journal written by my great grandfather, William Weedon. In that book I found a drawing that instantly transported me back in time to 1897 when the image was made. The figure is an expressive-yet-plain portrait of my great grandmother, Mary Covington, for whom my mother was named.

My wheels got to turning, so I snapped a high-res picture of the drawing and kept thinking creatively about what to do with it. The last time I picked up a paint brush was in grade school, so I thought, “Why not try it as an adult?”

In a nod to the style of renowned Atlanta artist
Tracy Sharp, I decided to put the murky water of coffee grounds to good use and distress the drawing as if to age it even further, and create an additional setting to the already timely image. You’ll see thick coffee striations on the dress itself, and then of course the cloudy markings around the figure.

This piece will be the only one of its kind ever offered - no duplicates or reproductions - so get it while you can. The piece was offered at $1,400, and now it has been
reduced to $950.


This piece and a select few others will be available for viewing and purchase on New Year’s Eve. Contact us for details and to get on the invite list!