Meet ARTvision Atlanta's 2013 team!

Each of our team members have spurred ARTvision to record donations - please join us in thanking to the folks below as well as all of our volunteers.

Will Pollock (Founder, Director & Curator; displaying artist)

Will founded ARTvision in 2006 as a way to honor his aunt, Betsy Weedon, and to create an online platform for artists to express both their creativity and generosity in a single stroke. Since its inception, ARTvision has raised nearly $26,000 for charitable causes. Will is a freelance writer, editor, photographer, musician, columnist and blogger based in Midtown Atlanta. ( blog | twitter | facebook )

Michele Segre (Director, Artist Outreach)

Michele has been a volunteer, buyer and proud supporter since ARTvision's inception. She has worked tirelessly to sign artists like Rob Polishook, GritCity and many more. As a graduate of Skidmore College, Michele works in commercial interiors and resides in suburban Philadelphia.

Michael Baker (Positive Impact Liaison, Artist Outreach)

Michael Baker, Director of Advancement at Positive Impact, ARTvision's beneficiary, has been instrumental in broadening ARTvision's audience and standing as a critical, end-of-year fund-raising vehicle for the agency. Michael has worked to help sign a number of artists and outdoes himself each year promoting our artists and events. ( web | twitter | facebook )

Penny Frulla (Artist outreach)

Penny has signed two new artists for 2011 and helps tremendously with promotion and word-of-mouth in her position with Bridal Expo Chicago. As a prolific blogger and proud mother of two great boys, she is a longtime ARTvision fan and can sew anyone under the table. She appeared in the TLC series "Who Are You Wearing?" and continues to be ready for her next close-up. ( blog | twitter | facebook )

Rob O'Connor (Director, IT; displaying artist)

As a longtime collaborator with Will, Rob brings deep experience in the high-tech world to help improve the ARTvision website experience. In addition to being a displaying artist in 2011, Rob is using his stewardship of TravelScream to develop a Facebook commenting engine specifically for ARTvision pieces. "The Daily Slap" has just been resurrected so make sure to check it out. ( blog | twitter | facebook )

Lorikay Stone (Artist outreach, displaying artist)

As a previous displaying artist in 2011, Lorikay brings artistry and social networking as our newest team member. She has her own photography business and is an active and enthusiastic resident (some say the unofficial Mayor) at Studioplex Atlanta. ( blog | linkedin | facebook )

Renee Weese (Gallery Outreach & ARTvision Adviser)

As financial planning consultant at Minerva Planning Group, Renee brings a deep passion for art and activism in the Atlanta area. Renee has been working hard to connect us with the local gallery community. (LinkedIn | website | Facebook)

SOS Mary (Event Volunteer & Adviser)

Mary Paguaga - AKA "SOS Mary" - was instrumental in helping with ARTvision-6 in our set-up at the Phillip Rush Center. She's also owner of an home-organization and design consultancy business, and is an avid supporter of Atlanta's arts community. (website | facebook)