Displaying Artist: Julia Murney

: Photography & Mixed-media
Title: (from top) “Bali Sunrise” & “Day Begins”
Price: $495/ea. (reserve)

Artist’s statement:

Julia Murney returns to ARTvision with two new pieces. “Bali Sunrise” is a mixed-media piece (photography-to-metal) and “Day Begins” is a pearl-lustre print custom framed by Metro Gallery & Framing in a rustic, reclaimed-wood surround.

“Bali Sunrise” by Julia Murney

“I was staying on the Eastside of Bali, where the lack of surf is made up for in being able to watch the sunrise,” Julia says about “Bali Sunrise.” “I got up in the dark and walked the beach as her majesty rose. I felt honored to be able to view such a glory in a part of the world so far from my own,” Julia says.

For “Day Begins,” Julia says the sparsely attended sunrise was the perfect farewell to Bali.

“My last day in Bali, I got up to watch the sunrise, which is splendid from the East side of the island,” she says. “The only other people on the beach were a handful of folks like me with cameras taking it in—two different couples in wedding gear taking their official photos, and some dogs. Out in the water, you could see the fisherman wading across the sandbar, already at work. You can see one far out in this shot.”

“Day Begins” by Julia Murney

These two pieces represent nearly $1,000 of potential donations to Positive Impact, let us know if we’ve sufficiently tempted you.

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