Displaying Artist: Will pollock

Media: Photography, Multimedia & Mixed-media
Title: “Winslow Morning, Reimagined,” “Poignant,” “Cerulean Bay” & More
Price: $ Misc. (reserve)

Artist’s statement:

“It’s my great privilege to bring together some of the nation’s most talented artists in support of Positive Impact. Each year, I’m just a bit more humbled at the sheer scope and breadth of what our artists can do. From Gene Rector’s reclaimed-wood birdhouses to our three amazing jewelry pieces this year, we’ve once again pushed past our creative boundaries to create a collection that celebrates our nation’s waterways.

We’re hoping for another banner year, and remember, our 10th year anniversary is just around the corner. Cheers to all of our volunteers, donors and artists, all of whom make this event so great year after year.”

Will Pollock is a freelance writer, author, photographer and artist. He is the founder and director of ARTvision Atlanta, which was an offshoot of his annual New Year’s Eve pizza party. He wrote a book about it, too, entitled “Pizza for Good”—offering recipes, tips, stories, profiles and advice on how to do the same in support of other communities around the country. More:

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(in progress: “Winslow Morning, Reimagined”)

(“Poignant,” custom framed by JD Isaacs at Rose Squared Gallery & Framing)