ARTvision Atlanta 2009
Online Benefit Featuring Art, Music, Gifts, Books & Photography

"artists reaching through" ~ Benefiting Positive Impact

ARTvision Atlanta 2009
Online Benefit Featuring Art, Music, Gifts, Books & Photography

"artists reaching through" ~ Benefiting Positive Impact

ARTvision Atlanta 2009
Online Benefit Featuring Art, Music, Gifts, Books & Photography

"artists reaching through" ~ Benefiting Positive Impact

ARTvision Atlanta 2009
Online Benefit Featuring Art, Music, Gifts, Books & Photography

"artists reaching through" ~ Benefiting Positive Impact

ARTvision-4: The Final Numbers

ARTvision-4’s sales are closed!

For the first time, we have eclipsed the $7,000 mark in total earnings in one year. For a complete breakdown of pieces sold and their new owners,
go to our Honor Roll page.

All buyers receive free swag in addition to discounts on future purchases. Help me congratulate both our donor-buyers, as well as our artists, for making this our best year ever.

In four years, ARTvision has raised just under $15,000 in unfettered, 100% donations. This cash infusion could not be possible without the generosity of our artists. To all of our artists - those who sold pieces and those who did not -
you are the lifeblood of this event. Thank you!

At any time throughout the year, visit
Positive Impact and keep tabs on all of their programs.

Also, ARTvision’s Fifth Anniversary event will be coming soon, so please
make your submissions! We will be limiting space to 20 artists next year, so get your slot today.

All the best and thanks to all.

Sales Extended with Reduced Prices!

(ATLANTA :: 8 January 2010)You’d think a record-amount of donations would allow us to rest a bit.

No way!

With our returns at an all-time high (over $6,000 and counting), we are focused on offering a number of select pieces at discount prices to try and increase fund-raising with one last push.

Your purchases could push us close to or over the $8,000 mark. Woot! For more

So, after discussing with our treasured artists, here is what’s on the ARTvision Extended-sales Menu:

1. “Arabian Nights” by Deborah Davis (pictured left)
Gorgeous jewelry with silver accents
Reduced donation: $125

2. The “
Oia Sunset” trio by Greg Davis
Simple but elegant paintings in bold colors
Offered as a triptych for $100

3. “
Faith, Hope, Love” by Brenda McMillen
Box canvas with Chinese characters
Reduced: $50

4. “
Love” by Brenda McMillen
Framed oil-on-canvas
Reduced: $40

5. “
Lagadema Surveys her Territory” by Rob O’Connor
Photo-to-canvas w/ DVD - GREAT DEAL!
Reduced: $150

6. “
Bridge Over Canal du Midi” by Sara O’Connor
Oil on a box canvas
Reduced: $50

7. “Mombo Solitude” by Rebecca Shirkey-Sloan
Framed photograph; an ARTvision cornerstone piece
Reduced: $200

8. “All Outta Justice” by Ed Tillman
Stark, mysterious framed photograph
Reduced: $100

9. “Milk Anyone” by Alexis Vear
Framed oil-on-canvas of a cow
Reduced: $250

10. “Manscaping” by Will Pollock
Reduced: $175

11. “Swept Away” by Will Pollock
Reduced: $150

Start shopping! This period will end on Monday 25 January 2010.

Boffo Numbers, Record Participation... The Perfect Start to 2010

Just a quick post to let all of you know we are crunching numbers of both ARTvision pieces sold and cash donations made...

Look for an official recap, total numbers and photos released on Monday morning.

Meantime, keep in mind we are looking at a figure somewhere north of $7,000 in total funds raised.

This is a collective effort and an example of people banding together to make a difference, through
Positive Impact, in the lives of people living with HIV in Metro Atlanta.

Please also watch for news about an extended two-week online sale for some of the pieces still available - with reduced prices!

More to follow shortly.

To Get Your Deduction before Midnight...

Go directly to the Positive Impact donation page!

CLICK HERE NOW and follow the prompts.

Please skip the “Agree to Purchase” page as the hour is short to achieve the deduction.

We are breaking records! Happy New Year!!

Rob O'Connor Brings The Uber-famous "Lagadema" to ARTvision & Positive Impact

Like with the queen of England, sometimes we must simply bow down to royalty.

The same holds true for
Rob O’Connor’s ARTvision entry this year, “Lagadema Surveys her Territory.” Lagadema is the actual name of the furry creature featured in National Geographic’s “Eye of the Leopard.” Here’s the official trailer:

As well as a longer,
lower-quality clip that shows Lagadema’s sudden compassion for a newborn:

Rob’s piece is a photo-to-canvas, adding unbelievable texture to an image that captures Lagadema at rest. When you make the corresponding donation to Positive Impact of $
225, thanks to Rob’s generosity, you’ll receive a *free* DVD of the National Geographic documentary bearing Lagadema’s likeness.

Buy it today and lock in that last-minute donation! Our event is tonight and you can pick it up at Will’s house between 6-8 p.m.

Visit Rob on the Web:
here, and on his popular, “Daily Slap” blog,

SOLD! Bourbon Pecans, Two Batches, By Michele Segre

..and four batches still remain, complete with gift box and commemorative ARTvision card.

Congratulations to
Michele “Snush” Segre for turning her stunningly delicious pecans into a charitable treat.

Buy them today, or come see us on the 30th for a taste you won’t soon forget.

For more on Michele’s pecans, go directly to her
artist page.

Bring Some "Mombo Solitude" Into Your Home when you Donate!

Rebecca Shirkey-Sloan joins ARTvision in support of Positive Impact with “Mombo Solitude” - an intimate moment captured of a lion while on safari in Africa.

Rebecca lives in Zurich with her husband Bob and owns
LeopardTail Safaris, a safari consulting firm that handles trips all across Southern Africa.

The image of the lion lying about sits in a warm-brown Scandinavian frame, printed on high-quality art paper and is available for $

Rebecca is cousin of
Rob O’Connor and Sara O’Connor, both ARTvision artists; Rob’s piece, “Lagadema Surveys Her Territory” (on sale for $225, which includes photo canvas and DVD) was also shot on the same safari.

A Song for Sales: With Your Support We Can Soar in the 2009 Stretch Run

Great things can happen in five days.

At least that’s what we’re hoping... And here’s a little detail you’ll probably want to know:
In 2009, ARTvision artists have piled up their wares to the tune of a whopping $13,000 in potential donations.

So, if every last piece were acquired in this final week of buying,
Positive Impact, our beneficiary, would be able to use that cash to immediately advance its HIV testing and exceptional counseling programs.

As a final incentive for buying, I’ve created a full montage of images from this year’s event - set to “Light of Love,” a song I wrote and co-produced with Matthew Smith. Check it out:

All ARTvision 2009 buyers - in addition to receiving
existing swag from our sponsors - will now receive a download coupon code for iTunes so you can enjoy “Light of Love” on your iPod or tune-player of choice.

Get to
buying now and let’s break some fund-raising records! And we’ll see you on the 30th for our pre-party buying opportunity, as well as the New Year’s Eve bash. - WP

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All

One week to go before the close of ARTvision 4.

Please get your purchases in soon - so you can take advantage of the tax write-off in 2009!

For more on all of our pieces, go to our gallery page.

Coming tomorrow, a special treat for all ARTvision fans.

(Pictured: “
Oia Sunset” by Greg Davis)

The French Connection: 3 Photos by Will Pollock for Your Consideration

(ATLANTA :: 21 December 2009) - With all French-related metaphors or plays-on-words escaping me - and avoiding the word “Trois” like the plague - herewith is a three-part collection of images taken in July 2009, all while away in France.

These images are presented exclusively through ARTvision for the purposes of raising funds for
Positive Impact - and, as artist proofs, will not be offered ever again in this form. They are one of a kind and always will be.

Once you review, go to the
gallery page for sizing, etc. Or, go directly to the purchase page! Hope you enjoy!

• “
Answered.” I shot this while traveling in France, and it struck me as a sign that something good was afoot; that something, someone, was speaking to me to anticipate a good event coming soon. Although “prayers” isn’t an activity I engage in normally, “answered” felt like the right name since the scene was joyful, hopeful... and in response to a call of some kind. “Answered” is a custom-framed photo, set in archival mating and glass, offered for a donation of $895. (more)

• “Fit to Print” Also a shot taken in France, of Jean O’Connor’s fingers in early morning on the Canal du Midi. Jean is Rob and Sara O’Connor’s mother, and she says the robust-orange image reminds of years past. “The photograph from the boat trip reminds me of how much a morning newspaper has been a part of my life,” she says. “As a child, I started with the comics, progressed to sports, then the society page (it's now called style) and then on to puzzles and the op-ed pages. Now in my dotage, I'm ready to return to the comics - they're the only thing that makes sense. But I will never give up my morning paper.” “Fit to Print” is a custom-framed photo offered for a donation of $795. (more)

• “I Want it Now” While taken on a narrow, windy street in the south of France, scenes from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” played out in my head to the point of needing a sedative.

This door was so deeply purple, so engaging in its irregular textures and rusted hinges, that I just had to snap it. I just had to. The urgency of needing to capture the image immediately made me think of Veruca Salt’s tempestuous turn in “I Want it Now” - mainly because the color is splashed all over the film... starting with Wonka’s jacket and all through this scene. To wit:

I Want it Now” is a custom-framed photo offered for a donation of $795. (more)

All three images are set in the
same mat and frame, by the same framer - Rose Squared in Decatur. So, make it a trio and buy/donate for all three!

More images and pieces will be available at our
invitation-only viewing. Contact Will to make sure you’re on the list, and bring your donations to Positive Impact! - WP

The “
Answered.” slide show:

Piece Dimensions Loaded!

Many of the sizes have been added to the gallery page to help you with your buying decisions.

Go directly there to preview. And if you don’t see what you need, send us a note from the purchase page and ask for more info.

Happy shopping!

"Milk Anyone?" Marks Alexis Vear's Return to ARTvision

After offering and selling “A Cabo Cow” to Toni Ross Weir for last year’s ARTvision, Alexis Vear does a bit of a sequel turn with “Milk Anyone?”

This piece is an 8x10 canvas surrounding by a large mat in a ornamental gold frame. “Milk Anyone?” is offered for a donation of $
600. More photos to follow, but for now, check out the two-image photoshow.

Alexis also will be offering jewelry and a signed CD. Stay tuned!

SOLD! "HRH" by Kimber Herndon & Will Pollock

This should really surprise no one that “HRH” - featuring Triscuit, the canine queen of midtown - sold to Will Pollock.

To view more of Kimber Herndon’s pieces,
click here.

For more on Will Pollock’s pieces,
click here.

Triscuit has indicated that all media inquiries and requests for interviews should be directed through her agent and PR people. Happy

Final Header Up... No. 3 of 3

Our final header has been loaded. Enjoy!

Here’s the image breakdown, left to right (those active on the site are linked):

• “
I Want it Now” by Will Pollock. A door in France with a beautiful purple hue. (Custom framed photo on art paper)
• “
Moments that Matter” by Kimber Herndon & Will Pollock. An embrace between two soon-to-be-married gents. (Mixed-media on slotted-edged steel)
• “
Oia Sunset” by Greg Davis. One of three in a series. (Oil on canvas)
• “
Legadema Surveys her Territory” by Rob O’Connor. A world-famous leopard named Legadema takes a break in Botswana. (Framed photography)

Additional info on these to follow.

To view all images in ARTvision’s 2009 header gallery,
click here. Or have a look at the slideshow below:

"Waterdance" Moves to ARTvision 5 in 2010

(ATLANTA :: 19 December 2009) - Due to a hiccup at the framers, we have to postpone Vibecke Dahle’s “Waterdance” until 2010.

Thanks to Vibecke for her best efforts in trying to make it happen.

Many more pieces to shop though, with a few more yet follow.
Check them out!

"I Will Be Your Friend When We Get There"

By way of Greg Davis, here’s an example of an artist (the very talented Mark Salling) going behind the scenes to pay tribute to his cast. His “Glee Family” as he calls it. Very cool.

Two Mixed-media Pieces Embody ARTvision's Year of Collaboration

(ATLANTA :: 18 Dec. 2009) - Kimber Herndon, our copper-artist extraordinaire, has taken two of my photographs and turned them into unearthed treasure.

HRH” is a shot of my treasured pup Triscuit as she sat in the morning sun one day. I was working on something else, and she jumped into the line of the rising sun on the living room chair, on her own - which, actually, should surprise no one given her predilection for attention. (more)

And “Moments that Matter” comes to ARTvision by way of the wedding of Bill Brennan and Jim Verraros - an event I attended and shot with my D80.

Lots of great images came out of that event, this one included. Kimber took inspiration from the photo to create this imposing piece - which is the interpreted photo painted on canvas mounted on perforated steel. (

HRH” is offered for a donation of $200. “Moments that Matter” is offered for a donation of $595. -WP

The Reviews Are In (and are still coming...)

Two ARTvision pieces garnered great comments today.

• “
Oia Sunset” by Greg Davis was called “Art perfect” by a Slide user, and
• “
Love” by Brenda McMillen also was called “Beautiful

...with many more to follow. If you have comments about a particular piece and you’d like to share,
let us know. We’ll slap it on the site as soon as we get it.

Meantime, thanks to feedback from an ardent ARTvision/Positive Impact fan, we’ve got a sidebar Facebook badge that will take you right to our
FB fan page. Keep those comments coming!

Keeping ARTvision & Positive Impact All in the (O'Connor) Family

(ATLANTA :: 17 Dec. 2009) - When you’re floating down Canal du Midi in the beautiful south of France, you can close your eyes and just dream.

And dream we did. As fate would have it, four ARTvision artists -
me, Rob O’Connor, Sara O’Connor and Rebecca Shirkey-Sloan - were on the boat living the dream and planning world domination. (Oh wait, that was last week’s episode of Family Guy).

Seriously though, there was an artistic flow of energy on the vessel that was palpable but as yet undefined... until now. (Two subjects were also on hand giving us lots of inspiration as we drifted and chugged down the canal.)

Let’s start with Sara “Muffy” O’Connor, who joins ARTvision with “Bridge Over the Canal du Midi” - a scene that spoke to her enough to snap pictures of it with brother Rob’s camera. She painted from that picture. (more)

Bridge Over the Canal du Midi” is offered at $95. For more, visit Sara’s artist page. More O’Connors to follow, including Rob, cousin Rebecca and subjects Mama Jean and Anna Catherine. - WP

Greg Davis Rejoins ARTvision with A Trio of Paintings

(ATLANTA :: 16 December 2009) For someone who has been painting for friends and family as a hobby for years, Greg Davis started off his first exhibition last year with a bang... selling two pieces.

The Gloaming” was a mysterious and complex meditation on a marshy green abstract form; and “Autumn ’08,” a reminder of how vibrant the season change can be in the imagination.

This year, Greg offers up a 10”x10” trio of paintings, all oil on square canvas, that are riffs on familiar abstractions. They are offered individually for $
100 each, or as a trio for $275. (read more)

Welcome Back Brenda McMillen to ARTvision

(ATLANTA :: 14 December 2009) If there could be a “veteran” of ARTvision after four short years, Brenda McMillen would be it.

She’s sold at least one piece each and every year we’ve been doing this. “
Heart” sold to John Nickolas in 2006 for $295; “Eternal Sunshine” to David Osborn for $225 in 2007; and “Stand Strong” and “True Colors” sold to Tom Andrews and Positive Impact for $150 and $100, respectively.

When you do that math, Brenda has raised nearly $800 cumulatively over those four years. Please join us in congratulating Brenda on her success!

This year, Brenda offers two more stunners for our beloved beneficiary,
Positive Impact - both involve the Chinese character for “Love.” Titled simply “Love,” the piece is a beautiful, oil-on-canvas in a muted, matte black frame, offered at $175.

Her second piece is a thick-and-chunky yet still diminutive box-gallery canvas, painted on all sides, entitled “
Faith, Hope, Love.” The piece includes a bold, fire-red front with light-cream colored sides. The corresponding Chinese characters appear on the front and either side, right and left. This piece is offered at $195.

For more, please visit
Brenda’s artist page! I think we should already give a shout-out to Brenda for ARTvision 5 in 2010, don’t you think? - WP

"Only One Sale? Seriously?"

Curious About Sizes?

Just a reminder that all sizes will be loaded to the Gallery page this week. Stay tuned!

Calvin Lockwood: Our Host at The Granite Room and Creator of "Lucy"

(ATLANTA :: 13 December 2009) Calvin Lockwood was kind enough to open his doors at The Granite Room for “Parties with (Positive!) Impact,” and he’s also the artist/photographer behind “Lucy” - taken in 1994 at the Madonna Inn (no relation to Madge) in San Luis Obispo, Calif., on 35mm Kodak film.

“The Madonna Inn is a 1950s or '60s motel that has been added on to many times,” he says. “All the rooms are ‘theme rooms’ and this room was "Merry", one of a three-room series that included ‘Merry,’ ‘Go,’ and ‘Round.’ Everything in it was pink.” (more)

Lucy” was one of a number of pieces - including “Watching the Old Structures Crumble,” “Passion Flower,” “Just Before Rush Hour...,” among others - on display at The Granite Room. Thanks again to Calvin for hosting us, and to Alexis Vear for providing the evening’s awesome musical entertainment!

Lucy” is offered for a donation of $250. Visit Calvin’s artist page for more.

Bourbon Pecans, Designer Box... What Better Gift to Give?

(ATLANTA :: 12 December 2009) As far as adding new things to ARTvision over the years, this one ranks as the easiest - and tastiest - call we’ve ever made.

Michele “Snush” Segre has been hosting the NYE party with me for five years, and in that time she’s always schlepped along her world-famous bourbon pecans for everyone to enjoy. (They even made it on a pumpkin pizza as a topping.)

This year, we’re packaging up a pound of these delicious treats for you to take home and enjoy, or give as a gift to that special someone. The Bourbon Pecans will be available NYE week, but can be available sooner upon special request.

Make a $
20 donation to Positive Impact, and it’ll score you a fresh batch of Michele’s pecans... wrapped up in a designer box (pictured).

Go to
Michele’s artist page for more!

"Absurd Alphabet" Is The Latest & Greatest from Sean "Buck" Mansfield

(ATLANTA :: 12 December 2009) After wowing fans with “Roots of Innovation” last year, Sean “Buck” Mansfield returns to ARTvision for a second year with “Absurd Alphabet” - a shot he fired off after getting the hairy eyeball at an antique store in Venice Beach, Calif.

“They are numbers painted on glass,” he says. “They were just displayed like that at an antique shop in Venice Beach. It was a really quick pic snap as the owner was a crab - and I wasn't sure he'd appreciate it.”

Absurd Alphabet” is photo-to-canvas and is offered at $175.

For more, visit
Sean’s artist page.

Rob Polishook's "Ready, Set, Dive!" Tells The Early Morning Story of a Para-Triathlete

Rob Polishook joins ARTvision with two compositions that are bound to knock your socks off. Rob comes to us via NYE super-co-host Michele Segre - who connected us with him and his great talent.

His first piece, “
Ready, Set, Dive!”, sets a typical scene of the early-morning, sun-still-stirring, triathlon kick-off. But this wasn’t just any race.

“It was seven in the morning and I had the best seat in the house, or should I say dock,” he says. “I was assisting a courageous para-triathlete and waiting for her to head off. While we waited, we witnessed the elite men take off; it was eerily quiet and the NYC police boat was on alert. I crouched down and let my 40D cannon camera with 17/85 lens do its magic. The result was “
Ready, Set, Dive!” (read more)

Ready, Set, Dive!” has been printed on archival Pearl luster paper that creates a metallic finish - turning the brooding blue of the NYC Police boat lights reflecting on the water into a fluorescent line of illumination.

Ready, Set, Dive!” is offered at $295.

Coming soon: “The Shot” starring his tennis majesty, Roger Federer. A five-picture sequence unlike any other in the world. Watch for it!

"All Outta Justice" Marks Ed Tillman's ARTvision Debut

(ATLANTA :: 11 December 2009) - The votes are in, the gavel is down... and “All Outta Justice” has won Ed Tillman’s fan poll - and thus his debut photo submission for ARTvision.

Finished details to follow, but for now, here’s
the image and the details: 8x12 Archival Giclée Print on neutral art paper, numbered and signed, 2 of 8.

Ed Tillman is a MySpace buddy with whom I’ve kept in touch over the years... and has always been an ARTvision fan and has attended the NYE party!

All Outta Justice” is offered at $195. More finished-product images, including frame and mat pictures, to follow shortly. (read more)

ARTvision Offers: "Ladies of a Certan Age" and "Just Before Rush Hour..." by Mary Pollock

(ATLANTA :: 11 December 2009) - One retro, the other abstract. Both beautiful.

And they both come from my mother, Mary Pollock, as donations to ARTvision 2009 for the benefit of Positive Impact. Please consider both of these in your holiday giving! (
see both picture slideshows)

With a bachelor’s from Skidmore College (my alma mater) and a Fashion Illustration concentration at Parsons School of Design, my mother is a returning artist from last year - and is sister to the late Betsy Weedon. (read more)

Both of these pieces were custom framed with archival glass and matting by Rose Squared in Decatur. “
Ladies of a Certain Age” is offered at $800. “Just Before Rush Hour” is offered at $2,000. - WP

ARTvision In The News

We are grateful for the coverage ARTvision has garnered thus far this season. For more, go to our In the News page.

ProjectQ Atlanta has a number of stories, including this one, with full coverage and profiles of Brenda and Calvin’s pieces.

More to follow!

New Header Up! No. 2 of 3

Our second of three Web header banners is now live! From left to right:

• “
Watching the old structures crumble” (SOLD!) by Brenda Knosher
• “Answered” by
Will Pollock ($800; custom framed)
• “
Waterdance” by Vibecke Dahle ($225)
• “
Absurd Alphabet” by Sean Mansfield ($175)

Watch for our third banner the day after Christmas!
Click here for a gallery of 2009 ARTvision Web banners.

What's New this Year?

(ATLANTA :: 10 December 2009) - With a record number of artists and many thousands of potential dollars to earn for Positive Impact, we’ve made some additions this year that make the buying experience that much more exciting.

Agree to buy... OR reserve. This is an important distinction. If you’ve made up your mind, great! Fill out the “Agree to Purchase” form located here, and then make the corresponding donation to Positive Impact. BUT, if you’re very interested in a piece but are still not sure, go to the same form and tell us to put it aside for you. Then, attend Will’s New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza and see/touch/buy the piece yourself. All ARTvision pieces, sold or unsold, will be on display that evening.

Additional swag from our sponsors. Make an ARTvision purchase and you’ll receive a free consult from landscaping company Florapolitan; 50% off your first massage from Ken Powell; and a free, eco-friendly grocery tote bag from Gene Rector, REALTOR (pictured, right).

By appointment viewing. If you’d like to see a piece prior to NYE, please e-mail Will and he’d be happy to set up a personal viewing time. Some of these are big purchases and it makes sense you’d want to visit with them a lot before buying!

Gallery page. Upon the suggestion of a loyal ARTvision fan, we’ve added a full gallery that includes clickable images and details. Within a week we’ll have loaded all the measurements to this page, too.

If you ever have any suggestions on how ARTvision can be improved, just let us know!

ARTvision 2009: A Year Unlike Any Other

(ATLANTA :: 8 December 2009) - It’s become a year unlike any other... Who could have imagined five artists in 2006 could grow to nearly 30 in a mere four years?

Actually, it makes a great deal of sense. People want reliable, hip and engaging home for their generosity, and hopefully ARTvision accomplishes that goal while remaining a reliable steward for its end beneficiary,
Positive Impact. If you don’t know this organization, you should. They provide crucial mental-health and prevention services for people in metro Atlanta living with HIV.

That means the folks who are living with the disease can be treated with top-tier counseling - and people *without* it can learn their status and stay negative.

My contributions for this year’s event stand alongside selections from the nation and the world’s most accomplished, traveled, seasoned, talented artists. They give freely of their artistic vision to advance creative activism - and bring a smile to people’s faces in the process. (
go to Will’s artist page for more)

Triscuit Implores You to Make an ARTvision Purchase/PI Donation ASAP

Please, put her out of her plaintive misery...

Not Just "Any Queen" Can Craft Such a Memorable Tome

Robin Barbaree - with model-extraordinaire assistance from Her Royal Highness, The Dolly Llama (a.k.a. Dennis Shears) - joins ARTvision with “Any Queen Can Decorate.”

The book seeks to redefine the term “Queen Bitch” with decorating and recipes for the “discriminating” and aspiring homemaker. Robin defines “Q.U.E.E.N.” as:

Quality Unsurpassed; Excellent and Eccentric, Naturally!

“In short, one who truly deserves a crown and a throne,” he writes.

And then, “B.I.T.C.H.” as:

Babe In Total Control of Herself.

From the AQCD Web site: “Robin Barbaree is a born-and-bred Southern gentleman and cultivated Queen, has spent his life and career making homes, gardens, showrooms, offices, and other spaces more beautiful.” (
read more)

Any Queen Can Decorate,” signed by both Robin and Dennis “The Dolly Llama” Shears, is offered for $25. For more on this great ARTvision piece:

- Robin’s
ARTvision artist page (with more pictures and info)
- Read
Chapter One
- Go to the
AQCD home page
- Go to the
AQCD Slideshow
Purchase now!

(Sidebar: great thanks to
Dennis Shears who connected us with Robin, and who is dutifully working on scoring a signed CD from the one and only Stella Parton!)

More Comic Relief: Watch Blake Lively's Terrific Turn on SNL

The Uber-talented Stevie Jay Joins ARTvision with "Bright"

(6 December 2009 :: ATLANTA) - We have a number of “triple threats” in our ARTvision ranks this year (artists who excel in three areas or more, like Alexis Vear, et. al.), and Stevie Jay is another of our multi-inclined artists.

He’s been called “extraordinary,” a “wisecracking prophet” and the “shirtless shaman” as descriptors of his one-man show; “life • love • sex • death... & other works in progress” is a tribute to pontifications that challenge standard, staid assumptions about life.

Check out this live clip from Indiana University entitled, “
Holocaust Museum Rap”:

For ARTvision, Stevie Jay offers a watercolor triptych called “
Bright” for $1,500 that will knock your socks off. Go to his page for more!

SOLD! "Watching the Old Structures Crumble" by Brenda Knosher

(5 December 2009 :: ATLANTA) - It is my great pleasure to announce that, as in 2008, the first piece of the season to sell is from Brenda Knosher - her “Watching the Old Structures Crumble” was purchased by Judy Knosher for $500.

Put plainly, this is $500 to Positive Impact, a free-and-clear donation, that Brenda inspired in Judy because of a generous donation of Brenda’s spirit, talent and artwork. So... let this be a rally cry for more sales, more donations, and more “SOLD!” signs.

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm, suggestions, improvements and ideas. Keep ‘em coming. More sales to announce soon I hope. And THANK YOU Judy Knosher for your purchase!
- WP

New ARTvision Navigation

Our awesome ARTvision site banger, Tim Clemmey, has pointed out the difficulty of seeing all of the ARTvision Artists with a drop-down menu. Due to the high number of participating artists, the list drops down below most folks’ screens and some end up hidden.

So, we’ve added an “
Explore Artists” tab that breaks up our awesome creators in two alphabetically organized categories. This change might cause existing links to go down, and in that case, please report them as you see them.

Also, make sure to check out the
Gallery page where you can see thumbnails, specs, categories and pricing all in one place.

Enjoy! And feel free to
offer feedback if you find something amiss.

ARTvision Offers: "Passion Flower" by Kimber Herndon & Will Pollock

(4 December 2009 :: ATLANTA) - In a year marked by collaboration for ARTvision 4, I’m pleased to announce the first of a number of pieces that are artist collaborations - custom, one-of-a-kind designs specifically created to raise money for Positive Impact.

Kimber Herndon, co-owner of ARTvision sponsor Florapolitan, has interpreted one of my photos, “Passion Flower,” in a unique framed-copper piece that adds texture and depth to an existing image taken just outside of Santa Barbara, Calif. (read more)

Kimber is also set to debut another photo interpretation of “Embrace,” a photo I took at Bill Brennan & Jim Verraros’ wedding. More on that soon.

Meantime, check out “
Passion Flower” for $500, and make sure to stop by Kimber’s page for more info on her and our collaborations. - WP

ARTvision Offers: "You Look Really Good Today" by Jack Kinley

(ATLANTA :: 3 December 2009) - Help us welcome Jack Kinley to ARTvision 2009 - a well-known Atlanta artist who is having an opening tonight at Radial Cafe. (Radial was the location of the ARTvision 2008 silent auction.)

Equally important is the fact that today is Jack’s birthday! Help the birthday boy celebrate by considering his great piece that he has donated to ARTvision to raise money for our beneficiary,
Positive Impact. “You Look Really Good Today” is a unique, mixed-media piece on wood panel that, he says, represents his work well. (read more)

For more on this piece, please visit
Jack’s ARTvision artist page. Also, make sure to visit this ARTvision piece at Radial throughout the month of December! “You Look Really Good Today” is offered for a donation of $750.

Birthday spanks are not included. Happy
- WP

Totally Unrelated Post For Some Comic Relief

Repost from ARTvision artist John Arnzen. It takes quite a feat of artistry to spoof the Twilight juggernaut:

New ARTvision Feature: Full Gallery List

As each day passes, more artists are loaded to the ARTvision site. Right now, we’ve got the following artists up:

Daryl Getman
Barry Rhodes
Al Pellenberg
Mary Pollock
Deborah Davis

...with, of course, many more to follow in the coming days. Please be patient as we have 25+ artists to load with beautiful imagery!

Also, thanks to a suggestion from a loyal ARTvision fan, Tim Clemmey, we now are going to have a running gallery list by category of every single ARTvision 2009 piece out there. The list will have image thumbnail, artist and donation amount. (go to the gallery page)

Check out this page by
clicking here, or simply go up to the nav bar and click “Gallery.” This way, you can search either by Artist name or by any piece that you like the look of.

We know there will be many of those.


ARTvision Offers: "Lizella Planter No. 5" by Al Pellenberg

One of our newest Artists, local in-town potter Al Pellenberg, offers up this pottery gem specifically for ARTvision buyers. Snag this gorgeous piece for $75!

For more,
jump directly to his artist page.

ARTvision Offers: "Ladies of a Certain Age" by Mary Pollock

Vintage glam is back! Check out Mary Pollock’s “Ladies of a Certain Age” below - purchase these fine ladies for $800.

This piece is mixed-media with custom framing by (former ARTvision Artist) JD Isaacs at
Rose Squared Gallery & Framing.

On World AIDS Day 2009, ARTvision 4 Launches With 25+ Artists

(1 December 2009 :: ATLANTA) - World AIDS Day once again marks a moment when awareness is raised and we get incrementally closer to conquering the disease. On the way to that urgent calling, we can make a great deal of difference in the lives of those living with HIV.

If participation is any indicator, ARTvision’s record 25+ artists represent resounding and enthusiastic support of that mission. Now in our fourth year of joining emerging and established artists together with donors in an online environment, ARTvision is one small way we can help our beneficiary,
Positive Impact, provide culturally competent mental-health and prevention services to individuals affected by HIV. (read more)

More than ever,
Positive Impact needs additional funding... and as we embark on ARTvision's month-long fundraising drive, please keep in mind that we’ve designed this event to appeal to all, with prices ranging from $15 to $2,000 you’ll have lots of opportunities to support PI’s mission. (browse now)

ARTvision is the perfect chance to lock in a last-minute tax deduction, support a great organization like PI and receive some snazzy artwork in the process. Cash donations through ARTvision are very much encouraged, too, so please keep that in mind if you’re not seeking any artwork.

We’ll be loading the rest of the artists this week, so watch the home page for frequent updates. Meantime, let’s make some money! -

ARTvision 2009 Music Wish List

(ATLANTA :: 30 September 2009) - I can dream, can’t I?

I have a short list of musicians I’d like to add to ARTvision this year - in addition to the return of The Wayne Fishell Experiment and the addition of Stella Parton (more on those artists soon!).

In no particular order:

Marie Digby. Terrific talent, great guitar player (see her cover of Owl City’s Fireflies)... and one busy gal. But most of all, an impressive songwriter. She kills on a cover of “Umbrella.” But here she is with “Say it Again.”

Marie Digby - Say It Again from derek on Vimeo.

Corbin Bleu. Actually, I’ve got the wheels turning on this one. Daryl Getman co-starred with Corbin in a tribute concert a few months ago. She shot him an e-mail and we’re waiting to hear back. In the meantime, treat yourself to “Moments that Matter” from his CD, “Speed of Light.”

Jennifer Paige & Nick Carter. This song is a toe-tapper in the highest order. Plus, Jen was an ARTvision Artist last year when she offered up “The Jennifer Paige Fan Experience,” which sold at the silent auction. So I’m after “Beautiful Lie,” which we

If you do, in fact, read this - we need and want your donations! I’m thinking a signed CD, CD single, downloadable track or anything that can connect our buyers with these awesome artists and tunes. I’m open to ideas! Sold yet? Hit me up! (
If you’re one of these artists reading this post, please e-mail me for more info.)

I’m going to attach this post to all related fan pages and see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed, and if you have any suggestions for new music, please let me know.
- WP

ARTvision Offers: "Wild Dandelion"

Calvin Lockwood Joins ARTvision with "Lucy"

Calvin Lockwood, a new ARTvision Artist and host at The Granite Room for Parties with (Positive!) Impact, offers up “Lucy” for ARTvision 2009.

Lucy” is a framed photograph and is offered at $250. For more, please watch for Calvin’s ARTvision artist page, coming soon. That page will contain a full photoshow of the finished piece!

ARTvision Sponsors: Connecting Our Treasured Buyers With Great Companies

(ATLANTA :: 28 November 2009) When I see an event, venue or figure sponsored by a company it usually causes hives. Remember Enron Field?

But for the first year, ARTvision has opened up to sponsors who fit a specific criteria and, more importantly, can offer a value-added incentive to make a donation to Positive Impact - as you take home your art purchase.

When you
buy an ARTvision piece and make your donation, you’ll receive an official, e-mailed, PDF coupon for discounts and freebies from our sponsors. In no particular order, they are:

Florapolitan. Led by Vicki Proano and Kimber Herndon (also an ARTvision artist), Florapolitan landscape design and installation offers buyers a free estimate in the metro Atlanta area and 25% off your first installation.

Massage By Ken. Mention your ARTvision purchase and Ken Powell will give you 50% off a one hour massage. become a fan on Facebook

Gene Rector Real Estate. Buyers will receive a free, eco-friendly tote bag for groceries. Design and picture to follow shortly.

We need more sponsors! Let this be a call to other people and companies who want to support our great cause. The more we offer buyers, the more likely that sale can happen. To make a sponsor inquiry, shoot me an e-mail. - WP

Welcome Deborah Davis To ARTvision with 'Arabian Nights'

Thanks to Jean O’Connor - mother extraordinaire to Rob O’Connor, a returning ARTvision artist this year - we’ve been joined by Deborah Davis.

She produces her line of handmade jewelry through Deborah Davis Designs, and this year she offers up “
Arabian Nights” - a collection of beads and Lapis stones connected by sterling-silver accents.

“The color of Lapis is so precious and so intense that its radiance outshone all other colors,” she says.
read more

“Arabian Nights” is offered at $
250. For more on this beautiful necklace, go to Deborah’s artist page.

Watch as "Old Structures" Crumble... And Brenda Knosher Returns to ARTvision

(27 November 2009 :: ATLANTA) Starting with “Birth” in 2006 and then “Potential Pierces Possibility” in 2008 (which together raised nearly $800 for charity), Brenda Knosher returns to ARTvision 2009 with “Watching the Old Structures Crumble” - an intricate, moody piece that captures the mystery of imagination.

“Structures” is presented with acrylic, gold leaf, specialty paper and other materials to capture a textured, nuanced feel. The piece is set in a silver-leaf frame and (like all ARTvision pieces) has full hanging hardware.

“Watching the Old Structures Crumble” is offered to ARTvision buyers at $
500. For more on the piece and its frame, see the Slide album below. A full photo show of this piece is coming soon.

Hey Tennis Fans: Roger's U.S. Open Leg Shot Is On The Way

(ATLANTA :: 26 November 2009) You might call it the shot seen ‘round the world in 2009.

As Roger Federer was closing out his semi-final match at the 2009 U.S. Open, our newest ARTvision Artist, Rob Polishook, was sitting in the first row to capture the
through-the-leg precision stroke that won the point and, soon afterward, the match.

So, “The Shot,” photographed on-site that day by Rob, is going to be offered for ARTvision buyers as a five-picture sequence that shows Roger doing his thing. Rob is offering two pieces this year, the aforementioned Federer sequence, as well as “
Ready, Set Dive,” a beautiful photo of the elite para-triathlete men diving off of a NYC pier.

When you combine Atlanta’s famous preference for tennis (combined player estimates with ALTA, ATTA, K-Swiss and USTA are more than 100,000 participants) with a chance to own a piece of tennis/Federer history - and add in your support for Positive Impact - the choice to buy is easy!

Rob’s full artist page and photo information to follow on our launch day, 1 December 2009.

And make sure to thank our Michele Segre, ARTvision Director of Artist Outreach and multi-year ARTvision buyer, for connecting us with Rob. Happy

ARTvision Contact Info

For those of you hitting the ARTvision site for the first time, here is your contact information:

- Will Pollock, Founder & Curator

- Michael Baker, Director of Publicity & Positive Impact liaison

- Michele Segre, Director of Artist Outreach

Shoot us an e-mail with any questions. Happy Thanksgiving!

ARTvision Preview: "Wild Dandelion" by Stage Performer Daryl Getman

(ATLANTA :: 25 November 2009) We kick off our 2009 previews with a welcome to Daryl Getman, a new ARTvision artist who comes to us by way of Vibecke Dahle (who also returns this year with her own composition).

Daryl’s work as singer,
actress, choreographer and dancer on and off-Broadway is only a portion of her story. “I'm a performing artist who finds balance through my lens,” she says. “Photography is the yin to my yang as an artist. I have a passion for capturing a moment, fleeting beauty and time - as a means of sharing an experience, invoking emotion, and allowing others to ‘feel’ through an image.”

In this case, “Wild Dandelion” is Daryl’s expression of choice - a black-and-white photo composition taken in Bigfork, Montana. The piece is a close-up look at nature’s intricacies and has tremendous spark and power within it.

“Wild Dandelion,” a black-and-white framed photo, is offered at $
125. A full collection of pics to follow shortly!

More Daryl Getman links:
ARTvision Artist page
- More of
Daryl’s photography
Performance page

More ARTvision preview posts will appear through the Thanksgiving week. Watch out for them!

Photo: Corbin Bleu (left) poses with Daryl Getman at Town Hall: A Tribute to David Merrick, October 2009.

Check out the ARTvision Honor Roll 2006 - 2008

We have a lot of people to thank before we officially launch ARTvision 2009.

As such, we’ve collected a
complete history of artists, buyers and pieces that you can browse and see how the event has grown over the years.

If I’ve forgotten to list anyone on the
Honor Roll page, please e-mail me right away and I’ll get it up on the site.

Click here to see past years and join us in thanking volunteers, artists and buyers alike.

(“Thank You” image courtesy of Flickr’s PSD)

ARTvision 2009 in the News

Now that “Parties with (Positive!) Impact” is in the books, ARTvision had a couple of mentions in the local press.

First, Project Q Atlanta did a
preview story for the event that promoted some of our artists - and talked about ARTvision’s beneficiary, Positive Impact, and how crucial its services are.

“While other AIDS agencies focus on the much-needed physical health issues people infected with HIV face, Positive Impact directs its attention to mental health issues that arise, not just for infected people, but also people affected by the disease in other ways, like caregivers.”

The second, follow story was a wrap-up, asking the burning question: “Who’s got a sweet tooth for Positive Impact?

More news to follow!

New Look & Feel and Header Launched!

(ATLANTA :: 10 November 2009) - Our first of three custom banners has launched. From left to right, the images are:

- “Untitled,” by Rob O’Connor
- “Just before rush hour,” by Mary Pollock
- “Lucy,” by
Calvin Lockwood
- “Wild Dandelion,” by
Daryl Getman

Rob and Mary (my mother) are returning ARTvision Artists... and we’d like to welcome Calvin Lockwood and Daryl Getman, who are showing for the first time!

The look and feel starts on the blog page and will follow for the interior pages as we get closer to launch date. Stay tuned!

2009 Call for Submissions!

Coming soon! Art, gifts, music and photography - all for Positive Impact.

We are now looking to sign 15-20 artist for our upcoming 2009-2010 season.

As in years past, our site will go live on Dec. 1, 2009, with sales continuing throughout the month - culminating in Will’s New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza Party.

If you’re an artist and would like to be considered, please send an
e-mail to Will with bio, images and description as soon as you can!

Nearly 20 Purchases & More Than $3,500 Raised

Summary only available when permalinks are enabled. ARTvision :: Read More...