(Updated: 24 January 2013) Presenting our 2012 ARTvision Gallery of Artists

Time to go shopping!
What follows below is a category-specific list of our artists and pieces. We'll be updating this page throughout the month of December, and even parts of January, so please check back for additional entries. Interested in something? Drop us a line now for more information.

The pieces below - in addition to the in-person surprises you've seen at our event - represent more than $20,000 of potential funds for Positive Impact. Let's get cracking!

report any broken links here, and check back frequently for updates throughout the month of December. As always, if you have a question about a specific piece, please contact us.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Arisen," a custom-framed photograph of lower Manhattan after a rainstorm.
Now: $900

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Shimmer," a photo-to-metal-plate, multi-media installation (low-voltage LED backlight) that depicts a peaceful pond at Thoor Ballylee in Ireland.
Now: $1,200

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Beginning of Wisdom" is an extra-large, custom-framed photograph output to archival art paper, also taken at Thoor Ballylee in Ireland.
Now: $1,500

Never Keep a Girl Waiting" is a large, square custom-framed photograph output to archival art paper, distressed with coffee grounds (image/drawing dates back to 1897).
Now: $950
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Air" is a tall, tubular sculpture drawn from Angela's experience of her father's illness.
Now: $400
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Between" is a small mixed-media work, acrylic on wood.
Now: $250
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
His Eyes (Boxed In)" is a framed, mixed-media work with marker and pen.
Now: $50
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Rojo's Day Out" is a medium-sized framed photograph.
Now: $50

The tubes have it: Multi-discipline artist Angela Swan offers sculpture drawn from her father's illness. (read more)

"Air" is offered for a donation of: $685
Living, breathing artistry awaits: Vicki offers up ready-to-adopt terrariums to ARTvision buyers looking for an easy-to-maintain piece of natural art. (read more)

SOLD! "Secret Garden" is offered for a donation of: $150
"There's No Place Like Home" is offered for a donation of: $250

Mary Pollock, Betsy Weedon's sister and Will Pollock's mother, returns with a female-figure drawing entitled "Quiet Time" ($850) framed by JD Isaac at Rose Squared and a mushroom triptych ($200 ea./$550 group) custom etched and framed by Metro Framing at Studioplex.

Both "Quiet Time" and "You're Fun Guys (fungi)" are
SOLD! Regular ARTvision contributor and multi-artist extraordinaire Alexis Vear offers up (and also models) "Amethyst Beauty" for $125.
Enchanted artist: ARTvision veteran Brenda Knosher returns with with two stunning pieces: "Between," mixed-media painting on board ($350); and (see also in photography) "Enchanted Portal," our 2012 signature piece ($450).

SOLD! "Enchanted Portal" sold twice during our gala and is no longer available.
In his first-ever multi-media piece, Will Pollock turns a visit to an Ireland landmark into a photo-to-metal backlit lightshow with "Shimmer." ($1,800) (read more) "Never Keep a Girl Waiting," a centuries-old drawing by his great grandfather redone as a photo reproduction on archival art paper, accented/distressed by coffee markings. ($1,400) (more) both of these pieces have been reduced! check out the sale items section now.

Chris Byrne makes his debut as a displaying artist with "His Eyes (Boxed In)," an abstract meditation on desire and longing. $125 (read more)
2012 marks the second consecutive year that Randy Chumbley has offered pieces through ARTvision. "Passion" ($1,800) and "Intersection" ($3,000) are both mixed-media on board and must be seen in person to be believed. (read more)
Kimber Herndon - who with Vicki Duke Proano form Florapolitan, an Atlanta-based landscape design company - returns to ARTvision with "Hands in Paris," another in her signature paintings with mixed-media finishes. ($350)
With one sale under her belt from 2009, Sara O'Connor returns with "Old Woman Profile," oil on canvas. $175 (read more)
Drawn from a nature walk, "Alchemy" is one of Delia Cochran's most poignant, subtle and nuanced works to date. Offered for $1,600.
Akron zookeeper Vicky Croisant once again shares her intimate animal photography with "Rojo's Day Out." $100 (read more)
SOLD! Debut exhibitor Chris Haddle offers up the stunning "Niagara," a custom-framed piece of genuine photographic art taken at our nation's landmark. $300 (more)
SOLD! Usually noted for her mixed-media pieces, Brenda Knosher's "Enchanted Portal" is her first offer of photography - and is our 2012 signature piece. $400 (more)
SOLD! Jason Maynard returns to ARTvision with "Peaceful Path," which captures a moment of serenity on Chautauqua Lake. $125 (more)
SOLD! We are delighted to be offering three beautiful pieces from macro-lens shooter Carolyn Cidis Meltzer, finished and framed by JD Isaac. All three ("Rooted in Stone," "Slow Rush" & "Godiva's Locks") are offered at $400 apiece. (more)

"Godiva's Locks" has been
SOLD! - "Rooted" and "Rush" are still available and on display.
Stay tuned to the main page and Julia's artist page - she's offering three pieces that will be offered online and on eBay. "Rainy Day NYC" is now live on eBay:

SOLD! Will offers a number of pieces online - and a few surprises at our show this week - including "Beginning of Wisdom" ($2,000), "Teal Treasure" ($1,000), "Arisen," ($850), among many others. (read more)

"Teal Treasure" has been
SOLD! - "Wisdom," "Arisen" and "Shimmer" are still available and on display.
Details to follow shortly. Stay tuned!
Details to follow shortly. Stay tuned!
Details to follow shortly. Stay tuned!