SOLD! Thanks to All New Year's Eve Buyer-Donors

We had a number of great sales over the New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza for Good Extravaganza. With great success in cash donations, we also sold the following pieces:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
• “In the Spotlight” by Carolyn Meltzer (photography to board) $250

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
• “Treacy’s Royal Crown” ($550) and “Nomad” (off-roster, $200) by Will Pollock

• “Rooted in Stone” by Carolyn Meltzer (off-roster; custom-framed photography) $250

• “Violet Vibe” by Jason Maynard ($75)

Along with generous cash donations from Delia Cochran, Michele Segr
é, Mehdi Mehrpad, Scott Lane and Matt Litchfield, Larry Goldstein and Marcus Schwab, Jeff Mitchell and Jerry Schadel, our latest total is:


That is an astounding number and our great thanks go out to all volunteers, donors, artists and sponsors for making this happen. For more, visit our Archive page.

And we’re not done just yet! We want to eclipse the $10,000 mark this year! We’re so close… So we’ll mark a few pieces down and keep going through the month of January. Take a look and see what’s still available!


Now Live: "Beginning of Wisdom" by Will Pollock

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

While meandering around William Buter Yeats’ favorite home in Ireland,
Thoor Ballylee, I found myself so transfixed that my co-travelers had to drag me away from the site. I don’t usually think of names while shooting, but in this case, it came very quickly. (read more)

Dreams of New York: City Sights from Julia Murney

(ATLANTA - 27 Nov. 2012) There’s nobody better positioned than our resident Broadway Diva Julia Murney to give us a flavor of New York City life. Such is the case with her three pieces this year - capturing Manhattan in unusual states of being, all to raise funds for Positive Impact. (more) Here’s a round-up of her offerings:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Rainy Day NYC” (Photography to gallery-framed metal plate). A rain soaked city through a pane-glass window. This will be Julia’s first mixed-media piece, and will be auctioned on eBay.

There’s a possibility of a fourth entry from Julia, too, so watch the website for updates. Julia’s pieces will be staggered throughout the month of December. Visit
Julia’s website for more on what she’s up to. (more)


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