SOLD! Thanks to All New Year's Eve Buyer-Donors

We had a number of great sales over the New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza for Good Extravaganza. With great success in cash donations, we also sold the following pieces:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
• “In the Spotlight” by Carolyn Meltzer (photography to board) $250

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
• “Treacy’s Royal Crown” ($550) and “Nomad” (off-roster, $200) by Will Pollock

• “Rooted in Stone” by Carolyn Meltzer (off-roster; custom-framed photography) $250

• “Violet Vibe” by Jason Maynard ($75)

Along with generous cash donations from Delia Cochran, Michele Segr
é, Mehdi Mehrpad, Scott Lane and Matt Litchfield, Larry Goldstein and Marcus Schwab, Jeff Mitchell and Jerry Schadel, our latest total is:


That is an astounding number and our great thanks go out to all volunteers, donors, artists and sponsors for making this happen. For more, visit our Archive page.

And we’re not done just yet! We want to eclipse the $10,000 mark this year! We’re so close… So we’ll mark a few pieces down and keep going through the month of January. Take a look and see what’s still available!


Our First Round of Results Now Loaded!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We had a very successful first round of sales/donations! Here’s a list of sales:

• SOLD! “Peaceful Path” by Jason Maynard to Mike Weaver for $125
• SOLD! “Amethyst Beauty” by
Alexis Vear to Sharon Schachter for $125
• SOLD! “Quiet Time” by
Mary Pollock to Heather Beach Wademan for $850
• SOLD! “Harbor Idle” by
Will Pollock (off-roster) to Rodolfo & Vicki Duke Proano for $75
• SOLD! “Teal Treasure” by
Will Pollock to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $1,000
• SOLD! “Enchanted Portal” by
Brenda Knosher to Sharon Schachter and Dan Williams for $450 ea.
• SOLD! “
Dusk for Doolin” (off-roster) by Will Pollock to Gretchen O’Toole for $75
• SOLD! “Wanderer” (off-roster) by
Will Pollock to Dana Wadsworth for $75
• SOLD! “Niagara” by
Chris Haddle to Mark Edge & Jeff Hook for $300 ea.
• SOLD! “Godiva’s Locks” by
Carolyn Meltzer to Todd Price for $400
• SOLD! “You’re Fun Guys (fungi)” by
Mary Pollock to Tina & Renee Weese for $550
• SOLD! “Secret Garden” by
Vicki Duke Proano to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $150
• SOLD! “There’s No Place Like Home” by
Vicki Duke Proano to Jose Jimenez for $250

Our running total this year is more than $5,000! There are plenty of pieces still available - so we can get that number higher very easily. Click over to our ARCHIVE page to see how this year adds up with previous years. (more)

And stay tuned to our home page for updates on
Julia Murney’s pieces and other works still available!

Sales Reporting to Follow Shortly

We had a great preview night… AND a stellar gala evening of donations and art flying off the walls. Jump to our
Facebook or SmugMug photo recap, and please: we want your event pictures! Please e-mail them to artvisiondirector AT stonefour dot com.

We will start our second phase of online sales soon. Meantime, watch for full sales reporting Monday morning - if not before. Please check our
ARTISTS/GALLERY page for the latest, as well as our main-page blog.

Meantime, THANK YOU to all who attended, volunteered and donated - all for
Positive Impact. If you’re not in the market for art, please consider a donation to PI through the event here (and make sure to select ARTvision under Contribution Type).