Gallery Page is Live!

Although some of the interior pages will follow tomorrow, the Artists/Gallery page is up - and will be continually updated from here on out. This page has prices, thumbnails and blurbs about the pieces, but keep in mind that not all artists page are live yet. News of sales, updates and more will appear on that page.

We have more than $20,000 in potential funds we can raise for Positive Impact, so let’s get to shopping!

Sponsor & Gallery Call for 2012

After the announcement of season seven for ARTvision Atlanta, "Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands", fund-raising for Positive Impact officially starts after the Labor Day weekend. And we’re in need of re-signing existing sponsors, finding new companies and people, and finding a suitable gallery to house our even in early December.

In other words,
we want you!

ARTvision presents a unique opportunity for an Atlanta-area gallery to give back to the community and allow some great works to be shown by national and international artists. From Zurich to California and New York to Denmark, we display works from all over the world that fit the year's theme. We want these pieces to shine in the best light possible. (
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