Eight Years & $50,000!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugWith our recent sales/donations over New Year’s Eve, ARTvision has officially eclipsed the $50,000 mark in cumulative earnings—nearly $46,000 of which has gone directly to Atlanta’s own Positive Impact.

Over eight years
we’ve raised a total of $50,110. And we’re very close to breaking the $10,000 mark this year (we’re currently at $9,135) for “The Promise of Peace,” so discounted pieces will be available and you can help us jump over that last hurdle!

Watch this space next week for discounted pieces and other posts. Meantime, thank you for making this event so successful year over year.

To see the entire breakdown, go to our
Archive page.

(graphic credit: Lars Simkins/Kickstarter)

SOLD! Thanks to All New Year's Eve Buyer-Donors

We had a number of great sales over the New Year’s Eve Gourmet Pizza for Good Extravaganza. With great success in cash donations, we also sold the following pieces:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
• “In the Spotlight” by Carolyn Meltzer (photography to board) $250

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
• “Treacy’s Royal Crown” ($550) and “Nomad” (off-roster, $200) by Will Pollock

• “Rooted in Stone” by Carolyn Meltzer (off-roster; custom-framed photography) $250

• “Violet Vibe” by Jason Maynard ($75)

Along with generous cash donations from Delia Cochran, Michele Segr
é, Mehdi Mehrpad, Scott Lane and Matt Litchfield, Larry Goldstein and Marcus Schwab, Jeff Mitchell and Jerry Schadel, our latest total is:


That is an astounding number and our great thanks go out to all volunteers, donors, artists and sponsors for making this happen. For more, visit our Archive page.

And we’re not done just yet! We want to eclipse the $10,000 mark this year! We’re so close… So we’ll mark a few pieces down and keep going through the month of January. Take a look and see what’s still available!


Pieces in the Spotlight: More Loot Available!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
We’ve added a “
Spotlight” tab on the website so you make browse by category the items that remain after our in-person main event has concluded. Lots of great stuff is still available! Click over to the Spotlight page for more. (pictured: “Man in Mist” by Lisa Marie Pane - $500)

A Great Preview Night!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Great thanks to all who came out to ARTvision Atlanta's preview night! We earned
Positive Impact a little over $1,600! The scorecard thus far:

• *
SOLD!* "A River Runs Through It" and "Sun Through the Mist" (custom framed by Rose Squared Gallery & Framing) by Lisa Marie Pane to Todd Price for $1,200
• *
SOLD!* "She Likes It" by Julia Murney (off roster; framed photography) to Delia Cochran for $200
• *
SOLD!* "Peace Comes Slowly" by Brenda Knosher (custom jewelry) to Delia Cochran for $200
• *
SOLD!* #AVSquared pieces "Red & Gold" by Todd Price and "Through the Lens of Chinatown" by Arno Hunter Myers to Paul & Kathie Thodeson for $25/ea.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We have a number of other sales/donations pending, so stay tuned! And please considering attending the main event tonight, 7-10 p.m. at Stone Four Studios. Tickets available here - and if you can't be there in person, join our webcast! thanks to all of our volunteers, artists and donors for a great start to a fantastic year!


Our 2013 Deadline Has Been Extended

We are extended the deadline for both ARTvision Squared at our Main Event.

Please have your images tagged and/or your submission form completed by Wednesday 25 September 2013.

Given recent events, it’s even more important to make a statement for peace. Put your creativity out there as one small act of courage against violence, bullying, war and conflict.

For more on ARTvision, go to our
About page.


Holiday Update! New Sale Items and More

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and, almost a Happy New Year! A number of updates for you as we approach our culminating event on New Year’s:

• “
Never Keep a Girl Waiting” by Will Pollock has been reduced. Originally offered at $1,400, the piece is now $950. This is a one-of-a-kind item and will be retired if and when it is sold. Framed by JD Isaac. (more)

• We’ll have a number of pieces on display and available for donation at Will’s New Year’s Eve annual
Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza. Fill out the contact page if you’d like to attend and think you’d like to lock in one last donation before the end of the year.

Julia Murney’s pieces are in process but are going to be offered in the month of January due to production issues. Three pieces will be offered in varying mediums - stay tuned for more on that soon!

• Updates coming soon about “
Instinct in the Round: Gourmet Pizza for Good,” including new book art, a post about Chick-fil-A and much more. Stay tuned!

Most of all,
go shopping for some very cool pieces on sale and lock in your donations before the end of the year!


Gearing Up for a Big Week

Our pieces are in and Stone Four Studios is being prepped for our big week! We’re poised and ready to make some scratch for Atlanta’s own Positive Impact. As we approach “debut week” for our event, a few reminders and added elements to keep in mind. For more, please jump over to our Big Week press release. See you all very soon!

Need Proof that ARTvision-7 Will Be Our Best Year Ever?

More than 15 artists have submitted pieces so far. Great thanks to all of you for donating your time and artistry for the 100% benefit of Positive Impact. Set to Sara Bareilles’ “Uncharted” through Animoto, here’s our promo video:

If you have trouble viewing this video,
click here to go to the website.

ARTvision Artists in the News

“Grace” by Ginny Sykes

A number of our past, present and future artists have been working hard and either have pieces on display or will soon hold forthcoming events. If you’re in the area, make sure to check them out:

  • Ginny Sykes. Some of Ginny’s best work to date is “Grace,” which is mixed-media on linen. The triptych is both deeply complex and immensely freeing to viewers. (click to see more) She also has a large, permanent group of public works on display, including collaborations with schools and other civic organizations. (more)

  • Julia Murney. Julia’s schedule has been jam-packed in 2012. She just wrapped two solo shows at 54 Below in New York City, and now she’s in the new show “Falling,” about the life of an autistic child and the family members around him. Julia will once again be displaying her photography for ARTvision-7. (more)

Stay tuned for more, and make sure to visit some of those links to see the beautiful work.
- Will Pollock

(Image credit and h/t: GinnySykes.com)


Deadline Extended to 24 September 2012!

(Monday 17 September 2012 :: ATLANTA) After the Labor Day holiday, ARTvision Atlanta’s fund-raising season for Positive Impact is in full swing. A big THANK YOU to all of our artists for great submissions so far this year, in which our theme is “Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands.” And, good news: we are extending our deadline for another week so folks can get more submissions in. (read more)

One Week To Go & Updates

We’re one week out from our submission deadline for 2012 pieces. Please go directly to our artist submission form and let your creative voices be heard! All to benefit Atlanta’s own Positive Impact. (learn more)

We’ve also added two more features to the site, in the lead-up to our season launch. We’ve got easy-access social-media buttons on our home page, and we also have a
follow page you may visit to make sure you’re fully plugged in.

Also, if you have a testimonial or a comment about ARTvision, we now have a
contact page you may use to reach out to us, anytime.

Thanks for reading and more soon.

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Sponsor & Gallery Call for 2012

After the announcement of season seven for ARTvision Atlanta, "Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands", fund-raising for Positive Impact officially starts after the Labor Day weekend. And we’re in need of re-signing existing sponsors, finding new companies and people, and finding a suitable gallery to house our even in early December.

In other words,
we want you!

ARTvision presents a unique opportunity for an Atlanta-area gallery to give back to the community and allow some great works to be shown by national and international artists. From Zurich to California and New York to Denmark, we display works from all over the world that fit the year's theme. We want these pieces to shine in the best light possible. (
read more)